Steve Preston The Career Catalyst ®

“You spend more waking hours at work than in any other activity.
Life is too short so why be unhappy? Take ‘the leap of faith’ and do what you love!”

Following a very successful management career, Steve took redundancy in 2001 when his company relocated. Offered the opportunity to move, Steve made a defining career and life choice not to let an employer control his future. This was the start of a ‘voyage of self discovery’ and career transition journey into the unknown. A huge learning experience which eventually saw Steve find new passions in career and personal development which helped him to achieve a successful career change. Today Steve is a leading Career Coach, Internationally acclaimed Author, Speaker, Creator of Breakthrough Career & Personal Development Online Courses, Broadcaster and Thought Leader on Portfolio Careers.

Now recognised as ‘The Career Catalyst’ ®, Steve has transformed the lives and careers of thousands of people, coaching them through his 6 step Career Navigation Cycle process to achieve successful career and life breakthroughs. A leading Career Coach, Steve thrives on sharing his knowledge and experience to inspire people to follow their passions and find work they love. Steve has developed a range of products for every budget from his internationally acclaimed published books to his  Breakthrough Online Courses and Signature Executive Career Coaching Programmes. He is living proof of what can be achieved whether you wish to progress your career, change career at 30 or even start a new career at 50 or 60, as he has successfully coached many of his clients to do!

“I am passionate about helping you achieve a successful career breakthrough. I get a huge buzz from seeing your confidence and self-belief soar to achieve fulfilment in both your career and life”


Steve is the Author of 3 internationally acclaimed career books and 2 audio books, many considered to be ‘groundbreaking‘. His latest Amazon best seller ‘Portfolio Careers – How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit’has been described as ‘taking the portfolio career concept into a new era’.

Winning Through Career Change‘ has been described as ‘the definitive career change book‘ and Winning Through Redundancy – Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future’ , Steve’s first published book, received international acclaim for being ‘much more than a typical career book about redundancy strategies but a practical guide to successful career and life management which will change lives’, for which Steve is justly proud!

Steve’s work has also been published by a number of leading Career and HR websites, magazines and trade journals in the UK and internationally.

Steve’s highly acclaimed Career & Personal Development Audio Book sets are available in MP3 and CD formats (last few) at special sale prices:

The 4 set ‘I want a career change – 6 steps to navigate the way to a brighter future’ to inspire people to take the ‘leap of faith’ into a new and fulfilling career and a 2 set How Colourful is Your Umbrella – Creating a working life where you’ll enjoy Mondays as much as Fridays! This is challenging the traditional job mindset and focusing on a new way of working and earning from turning interests, passions and talents into income streams to provide you with choice and fulfilment!


Steve is an established UK business and motivational speaker at high profile career events, corporate conferences and an approved broadcaster for regular  LinkedIn Live streams.

He has run numerous seminars including for major organisations undergoing restructuring and key change. His keynote seminars, webinars and LinkedIn live streams are to inspire and motivate outgoing employees to turn the threat of redundancy into a new opportunity and how to achieve a successful career transition or career change.

Steve has been a regular speaker at City of London Business Library, Chartered Management Institute, Executive Job Clubs and other Professional Associations. Steve has also been a key speaker at major events such as One Life Live at London’s Olympia, British Medical Journal Career Fairs, Euro Coach Conference and the Forum 3 Charity Exhibition.

Steve’s keynote signature seminars ‘Portfolio Careers – How to Work for Passion, Pleasure and Profit‘, ‘Six Steps to Navigate Your Way to a Brighter Future’, ‘Changing Careers – Deciding What to do Next’ and ‘Winning Through Redundancy‘ have been attended by hundreds of people achieving outstanding feedback. Look out for Steve’s regular Wednesday Career Change Hacks LinkedIn Live streams and other events on his LinkedIn and Facebook pages. 

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After 20 years as owner and  MD of  SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd, Steve and his wife Linda (were the Directors and shareholders) have decided to call time on the company to focus on Steve’s Career Catalyst brand. Backed up by a team of specialist associates, SMP Solutions achieved an enviable reputation providing quality Outplacement and Career Transition programmes for businesses restructuring and laying off staff, Career Development support for Professionals and Executives, plus Coaching and Advice & Guidance for Young People to help them work through their Education and Career options to ensure a successful start in life.

Please note that Steve is still working with companies, supporting your Outplacement/Career Transition needs focused on bespoke programmes for your senior staff and executives.

“Steve, as you are a fan of quotes, here is one by William Arthur Ward “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” A big thank you for your seminar and inspiring me to take more control of my career.”

Chuks Anochie

“Many thanks again for your presentation at our company conference and support of our situation at Pfizer. There was a lot of good feedback on Tuesday evening and during yesterday that suggests your session was well received and valued. Certainly it’s got a few people thinking and this of course was just the intention. I hope we are able to cross paths again in the future.”

Dave, Pfizer UK

“As a member of CMI Steve was hired to do a presentation on ‘career crossroads’. With a mixed audience of those facing redundancy, those that have been through it and those feeling unsafe, he gave a tailored presentation to meet the needs of those present, which showed good skills and an understanding of people’s needs. I thoroughly recommend Steve and his company.”

Tony Silver

“I wish to thank you for your excellent presentation which is exactly what was required by someone who is ‘between jobs’. It is great how you are encouraging people to think positively and to see that redundancy or career change is not the end but a new beginning and motivating people to take on the challenge to improve their whole life. I received many favourable comments about the event from everyone I spoke to, which were all completely unsolicited, so I can understand why your seminar and services are in such demand!”

Ron Hardcastle