Are You At a Career Crossroads?

How would you like a personally signed copy of Winning Through Career Change from Steve?

Winning Through Career Change has been described as “the definitive career change book“. It is inspired by encouragement and positive feedback received from many readers, clients and the publisher of Steve’s first book ‘Winning Through Redundancy’. In light of many people’s experiences and success, they felt there needed to be another book focused on broadening the ‘Winning Through‘ concept beyond redundancy. Feedback was that the principles and 6 Step process had proven to directly benefit anyone looking to make a winning career change and to move into more fulfilling and rewarding work. Hence Winning Through Career Change was born and it has received international acclaim, including a fabulous endorsement from Brian Tracy, US motivational speaker, success guru and author of over 70 world-wide best selling personal development books who said:

Changing jobs for any reason can be the great turning point in your career and life. This excellent book shows you how to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life.”  Therefore…

“Can you imagine how would it feel to wake up each Monday morning in the knowledge that you have an exciting and enjoyable week ahead, doing work you love? Wouldn’t that be just great?”