Career Coaching With Steve

Steve is recognised as The Career Catalyst ® because he has coached and developed 1000’s of clients, to achieve successful career change, transitions or secure their ideal job. As a result, some of Steve’s clients now affectionately talk about “The Steve Preston effect!”
A leading UK based Career Coach but with clients and advocates internationally, Steve is a long standing member of the Association for Coaching and is also one of an elite few coaches selected by the Chartered Management Institute to provide career coaching support for redundancy. So, if you’re a professional or executive looking for a catalyst to help you achieve your career and life goals, don’t delay.

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Please note 121 Career Coaching is based on Coaching over Zoom video meetings. Face to face sessions by special request only and carry a supplement. Ask Steve for details. 



This is the 'definitive career change course' for employed or returning professionals or executives who are UNHAPPY, UNFULFILLED, FRUSTRATED, maybe not aware of your true potential, STUCK at a career crossroads and looking to change careers. Steve will show you how to UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL, break free from career misery to REINVENT YOU CAREER & DO WHAT YOU LOVE!


Winning Through Redundancy – Six Steps To Navigate Your Way To A Brighter Future Online Career Transition Course

Described as "Not just inspirational but highly practical and transformational and the next best thing to a full coaching programme with Steve". Perfect if you are a casualty of redundancy and now looking to re-evaluate your career and life, decide what to do next and make it happen! Flexible course and pricing options e.g. course only, group course + additional 121 coaching with Steve


Interview Skills Coaching

Are you aspiring for promotion or your ideal job but fearful or frustrated at how you perform in interviews? An ecstatic client, who failed many interviews, before engaging Steve and landing his ideal executive job, now talks about "The Steve Preston Effect". Banish your interview blues and you can be next!

By not doing work you love or realising your true potential you are holding yourself back from achieving a happy and fulfilling life! How long are you prepared to wait? Are you…

  • ‘Stuck’, ‘lost’ in your job and seeking clarity of what’s next?

  • Falling out of love with your profession?

  • Facing or post redundancy and an uncertain future?

  • Lost in the ‘career transition maze’?

  • Struggling to progress into management, senior management or a top executive role?

  • Lacking confidence and unable to sell yourself in interviews?

  • Fearful of changing career or starting your own business

  • In need of reviewing or re-inventing your business?

  • Unsure what to do next and where to start?

  • Looking to break free from your professional or corporate life?

Why Work With Steve?

Because……..With his expert career coaching, Steve will take you to a place you can’t reach by yourself to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life! This is proven by his success in transforming the lives and careers of hundreds of people at all stages of their careers, across many business sectors, around the globe. Working with Steve, following his unique 6 step Career Navigation Cycle process, you will gain clarity, build your confidence, self belief, develop your vision and keep motivated and on track to achieve your career and life goals! See a small sample of testimonials at the foot of the page and other pages of this website.

If you would like career coaching with Steve, he now only works with a handful of executive and professional clients on a 121 basis, in addition to his popular and successful Online Courses, writing, speaking and as MD for SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd. Steve has developed a range of Breakthrough Online Courses, 121 Career Coaching Programmes or a combination of both, to achieve your desired breakthrough. Check out the options or for more information or a confidential discussion Contact Steve 

Outplacement & Career Transition Support for Executives & Professionals

If you are facing redundancy and your company or organisation have agreed (or you can negotiate!) to provide you with Outplacement / Career Transition support, Contact Steve to discuss  how he can can tailor an individual programme of support for your needs through his specialist company SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd.

What My Clients Say

Having experienced the ‘Steve Preston effect’, I am 100% confident in recommending him to any executive or professional needing help with their career development. I came to Steve at a rather low point of my career, as I had been blindsided by an out-of-the-blue redundancy that shook my self-belief and confidence to the core.

After undertaking due diligence with 5 different career coaches and outplacement specialists, I chose to work with Steve as, within a few minutes of talking to me, he displayed a rapid understanding of my situation and my emotions. He was able to explain, in real terms, how his executive career coaching and Six Step Cycle could help me to regain control over my career and life.

The following few months working with Steve were made up of moments of brilliance, trauma, inspiration, humour and challenge. It was EXACTLY what I needed and I wouldn’t want to change one moment of my time with him. Ultimately, he was able to take me from a very dark and lonely place to a point where I am now in control of my future, with the confidence to develop a career under my terms and, importantly, with the right blend of work and play. Steve’s book “Winning Through Redundancy” and the exercises within is simply fantastic as is his Portfolio Careers book.

On top of all this, Steve’s impressive work is complemented by the fact that he is a wonderful human being and a gentleman. Thank you, Steve, you have changed my life for the better.

John Watson

Steve is exactly what you need in a careers coach! He is personable, approachable and committed to helping you find and reach your end goal. He doesn’t force any opinions onto you; instead he allows you to go on your own journey of self-discovery and with his guidance you realise what you want out of your next steps in your career.

For me, finding out that I was interested in a portfolio career was like an epiphany. I realised that I wanted to continue with my current career but also wanted to pursue other interests which I could possibly use as another source of income. The journey is about understanding what your values and needs are at that point of time in your life (and can constantly change at different stages in your life). Although Steve secretly knew that this is what I would be interested in, he allowed me to go through my own steps to come to that conclusion myself whilst providing so much assistance and guidance throughout my journey. I cannot recommend him enough.

Mel Lovell

Before I met Steve I felt I was heading into the abyss. I signed up for his Executive Career Coaching Programme, having been inspired, reading ‘Winning Through Career Change’. I have now achieved a successful career transition with a fulfilling new job and working lifestyle and feel I am boarding a train for an exciting new destination. I really enjoyed my voyage of self-discovery working with Steve, as he is a great coach and train journeys are so much more fun with a companion! 

Sandie Harries

I was introduced to Steve by my sister who he had coached a few years back with great success. I was at the end of my tether, having had numerous job application rejections and failed interviews. I had all but had given up on my job search, lost motivation and feared I would never rekindle my previous executive banking career. I had lost all my confidence and self-belief and was really bad at interviews. That’s how Steve found me!

At the height of my career, I was a high flying city banking executive, who had come from a humble upbringing and I loved my job.  I unfortunately had to give up my job, as my wife became very ill and I became the carer for my daughter. I thought this would only be a short career break but through more bad luck by the time I was ready and able to rekindle my career it had become a 5 year break. I found myself always having to justify my time out to recruiters and employers and unable to sell myself in a positive light, as I felt a failure.  

Things had got really bad. I was getting more rejections than interviews and down to my last shot at the big time. This was the job I really wanted but it seemed out of reach.

I’m so glad we met. Steve coached me to understand my strengths, my positive attributes and how I could turn the negatives of my time out of the sector into positives. He focused on helping me see things from a different perspective, how I had set up my own trading business, learnt many new business skills, kept up to speed with the sector through a huge amount of reading, also how I had learnt to become resilient through all the challenges I faced.  

My answers changed. With Steve’s interview skills coaching and focused practice, came confidence. I put my trust in Steve and whatever time I phoned him, he would always offer encouragement. Then my body language changed and my attitude. I made it through three rounds of tough interviews, then was called to an informal meeting. Steve told me this must be a positive sign, just to show interest and be my natural self and I would get the job. It seemed to go well and suddenly I believed.

I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I was when finally offered the job in a leading city institution! I have told others about ‘the Steve Preston effect’. Not only is Steve a great coach but a gentleman too and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Arif Syed

Steve’s Executive Career Coaching Programme is best described as the difference between looking at a road map and having a GPS in my car!
I would never dream of heading towards an unknown destination without one or other but quite simply, Steve’s Executive Breakthrough Career Development Programme has helped me keep on track in my career change journey. Despite the diversions and road blocks which most of us encounter when visiting previously uncharted territory of changing career path, whether by choice or as a result of redundancy, I do not believe that I could have got in the driving seat let alone stayed the course without his support!
Working with Steve has helped me focus on my ultimate destination and enabled me to be in the driving seat of my chosen career path. Until I started the programme, I was blinded by the oncoming headlights and stuck in a jam. Unlike the M25, Steve’s Career Navigation Cycle process enabled me to set off and change direction without losing sight of where I ultimately wanted to be.
I would also recommend ‘Winning Though Redundancy’ or ‘Winning Through Career Change’ as an absolute must read and having Steve as your navigator on the most exciting journey you will ever make!”

Bill Stewart

I found coaching with Steve hugely valuable and inspiring. Steve helped me to recognise my skills and attributes, and helped me to see that I have a unique contribution and value and guided me towards achieving the career of my dreams. I particularly valued his individual approach whereby he went at my pace and the sessions were tailored to my needs as an individual. He motivated me to succeed by helping me set powerful goals and I am now well on my way to having a successful portfolio career. I recommend Steve as a Careers Coach very highly.

Bridget Morris

I engaged Steve’s support during my transition to independence following many years of working within the corporate environment. It was a key point in my life where I needed to stop and reflect upon what my future held. Steve coached me through a number of key areas in order for me to confidently pursue my personal goal and the process of re-branding myself as ‘ME’. The power of coaching is not fully understood until you have experienced it first hand and with Steve’s extensive knowledge and a never ending ‘toolkit’ it makes the process not only enjoyable but an empowering one that I can fully recommend.

Jane Seeley

Steve is an expert in unlocking potential and helping clients make an impact. His coaching methods and materials are thought provoking, engaging and deliver results.

Dean Creamer

I was introduced to Steve at a time when I was considering my future career options. Steve brought a wealth of experience, tools & insight to help me understand myself better and how I could approach my career, job searches and interviews. Having recently gone through a redundancy process I called on Steve’s services again and he was an integral part of my transitioning successfully to a new role.

Adam Thomas

Having attended Steve’s Masterclass, and follow-up careers coaching, I can honestly attest to Steve’s commitment, objectivity and clarity. With Steve’s input I was able to: find my way out of joblessness and lack of direction, set initial work search goals, progressing to a purposeful career plan, grow in interview skills and clarity to prepare me for each step. The result is a new level of confidence and belief in my own competence and capabilities that has helped me achieve a full-time vocational role.

Anne Montefiore

Steve, I can honestly say how much your coaching helped me, especially to look at things in a very different way. Working out that I really didn’t want to let go of my high pressure NHS work was pretty major for me. Also, the coaching sessions and follow-up exercises made me realise how much else I needed to ‘let go of’, especially some of the beliefs that were holding me back and causing me unnecessary angst. Being able to break down those issues and others, into individual issues, instead of a big scary single mess, have made them much easier to deal with. I have definitely become much more effective, as a result.

Rupert Wainwright

Until we started working together, I had never realised my true worth or how important it was to me to get paid this, I just knew I had to leave my current job as I wasn’t happy. Steve, as a result of the Coaching, things have now reached new heights!

I am now so much more aware of my skills and attributes and what I have to offer an employer and I have hit my target rate. So, that’s a really significant increase on my new contract! You have even helped me change the way I speak to people at work and family. I have been rocking it so, I can only say, this is the value of Steve Preston’s coaching! Thank you again – you are amazing!!!!!

Naheed Hanif

If you “want to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life”, contact Steve now for an initial confidential free consultation or bookings.