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There are now numerous ways for employers or recruiters to screen and interview prospective candidates. Competition is hotter than ever so the trend is often for multiple rounds of interviews. For many executives and professionals this means interviews are ever more daunting. Never fear as Steve’s excellent track record in coaching executives and professionals to win at interviews has got his clients talking about ‘the Steve Preston effect!

Are you an executive or career professional aspiring for promotion or your ideal job?

Are you getting interviews but not the job? Maybe you’re lacking in confidence, feeling interview rusty, or just fearful and not making your interviews count?  

In the 21st century digital age, there are now numerous ways for employers or recruiters to screen and interview prospective candidates. Competition is hotter than ever so the trend is often for multiple rounds of interviews. For many executives and professionals this means interviews are ever more daunting!

How would you like to:

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Understand how best to prepare for a forthcoming interview
  • Be your authentic self
  • Learn how to sell yourself in the best light
  • Feel confident and positive regardless of the type of interview
  • Have positive strategies to overcome nerves and self-doubt
  • Be able to answer challenging interview questions in a compelling way
  • Understand how to wow an interviewer or interview panel

Check out Steve’s short video above to learn about the 9P’s for Winning at Interviews (there are many more!) and his blog via this link:

Steve has an excellent track record in coaching executives and professionals to win at interviews. One such client who enlisted his coaching support after many failed interviews, now talks of ‘the Steve Preston effect’. With Steve’s coaching, he very quickly landed a brilliant executive job, which was a massive return on his coaching investment! Check out his heart-felt testimonial below.

If you want to land your ideal job and ‘make the rest of your work life the best of your work life‘, contact Steve now for an initial confidential consultation.

Steve’s Focused 2 hour  Breakthrough Interview Skills Coaching session is great value at a special inclusive price of £445! 

Your price includes:

  • An initial consultation regarding your career aspirations and interview challenges
  • 2 hours of 1:1 focused interview skills coaching and practice with Steve over Zoom video meeting
  • Follow-up email with additional support material and resources

If you want learn how to to win at interviews contact Steve for more information, an initial free consultation and bookings.

What My Clients Say

I was introduced to Steve by my sister who he had coached a few years back with great success. I was at the end of my tether, having had numerous job application rejections and failed interviews. I had all but had given up on my job search, lost motivation and feared I would never rekindle my previous executive banking career. I had lost all my confidence and self-belief and was really bad at interviews. That’s how Steve found me!

At the height of my career, I was a high flying city banking executive, who had come from a humble upbringing and I loved my job.  I unfortunately had to give up my job, as my wife became very ill and I became the carer for my daughter. I thought this would only be a short career break but through more bad luck by the time I was ready and able to rekindle my career it had become a 5 year break. I found myself always having to justify my time out to recruiters and employers and unable to sell myself in a positive light, as I felt a failure.  Things had got really bad. I was getting more rejections than interviews and down to my last shot at the big time. This was the job I really wanted but it seemed out of reach.

I’m so glad we met. Steve coached me to understand my strengths, my positive attributes and how I could turn the negatives of my time out of the sector into positives. He focused on helping me see things from a different perspective, how I had set up my own trading business, learnt many new business skills, kept up to speed with the sector through a huge amount of reading, also how I had learnt to become resilient through all the challenges I faced.

My answers changed. With Steve’s interview skills coaching and focused practice, came confidence. I put my trust in Steve and whatever time I phoned him, he would always offer encouragement. Then my body language changed and my attitude. I made it through three rounds of tough interviews, then was called to an informal meeting. Steve told me this must be a positive sign, just to show interest and be my natural self and I would get the job. It seemed to go well and suddenly I believed.

I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I was when finally offered the job in a leading city institution! I have told others about ‘the Steve Preston effect’. Not only is Steve a great coach but a gentleman too and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Arif Syed

I was recommended to contact Steve by a friend, who felt he could help me overcome my failure to achieve the promotion my colleagues and bosses kept telling me I deserved. As good as I was at my job, I just couldn’t get past the final interview stage.  

Steve quickly isolated why I was having problems at interviews. After only a couple of hours of intensive coaching, Steve helped me hone my technique, answer difficult questions in a confident and compelling way, overcome my nerves and self-doubts and completely change my mind-set, so I could only see myself being successful and in that Matrons uniform.

Sure enough this is exactly what happened. After many previous failed interviews and on the verge of giving up hope of my expected promotion, I finally ‘nailed the interview’ and landed my dream job!

Steve’s Interview Skills Coaching made all the difference to my outlook and interview approach. I could not have achieved this job without his assistance and guidance. Steve, made me realise that I was good enough to do the role but it was only my mind-set that was holding me back. I cannot thank you enough. 

Lynda Filby

Having attended Steve’s Masterclass, and follow-up careers coaching, I can honestly attest to Steve’s commitment, objectivity and clarity.

With Steve’s input I was able to: find my way out of joblessness and lack of direction, set initial work search goals, progressing to a purposeful career plan, grow in interview skills and clarity to prepare me for each step. The result is a new level of confidence and belief in my own competence and capabilities, that helped me achieve a full-time vocational role.

Anne Montefiore

I was introduced to Steve at a time when I was considering my future career options. Steve brought a wealth of experience, tools & insight to help me understand myself better and how I could approach my career, job searches and interviews.

Having recently gone through a redundancy process I called on Steve’s services again and he was an integral part of my transitioning successfully to a new role.

Adam Thomas

Steve was the first professional Manager I had back in the 1980’s. After 20 years our paths crossed again when I was stuck in a rut and in real need to develop my career. I contacted Steve having had a bad experience with a well known large career management consultancy and was getting nowhere! I used Steve’s coaching experience to identify my key skills and marketability and help create a CV that would stand out from the rest and get in front of potential employers. Within a matter of weeks I was getting interest.

Steve then coached me how to win the interview, as like many sales people, although I can sell pretty much any product I was struggling to sell myself in the most effective way and create impact at an interview. I managed to achieve this and land a role with a superb company. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Steve to any professional or executive who wants to move on or change their career and needs the expert advice and one to one coaching that he offers”

Dino Toouli

If you “want to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life”, contact Steve now for an initial confidential free consultation or bookings.