Career Navigation Cycle – Navigate Your Way to a Brighter Future!

How much clarity do you have about what you want next in your career and how you will get there?  

Why is it that some people seem to make a seamless transition, whether progressing their careers to the next level, changing careers, transitioning following redundancy or setting up a new business? Maybe you may know people like this but they are in the minority. Most people who have reached a career crossroads struggle to navigate their way through the ‘career transition maze’. Finding your way through to the other side can be a real emotional roller coaster ride, as it is hard to see the wood for the trees. Steve has found the answer with his powerful 6 Step career Navigation Cycle process.

Confucius says:

If you love what you do you will never work another day for the rest of your life!

What a wonderful sentiment and way to feel but how can you achieve such a desire? It’s like anything in life you have to put in the effort to get the reward. There is no magic wand or holy grail. You reap what you sow, as the saying goes.

The Difference That Makes the Difference!

Having analysed the common themes for successful career change or transition, several years ago, Steve established there is a definite process and key factors which make the difference. The result is Steve’s highly acclaimed, proven 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process, which brings together the power of Personal Development with the practical aspects of Career Development. The good news is that Steve’s empowering 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process works for any career professional whether you wish to progress your career, change career or are returning to work following redundancy or a career break.

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How will you know if the Career Navigation Cycle works?

Because Steve has proven this 1000’s of times, achieving successful outcomes for his clients, transforming their careers and lives! Steve’s  Career Coaching programmes for executives and professionals, Internationally acclaimed booksWinning Through Redundancy’, ‘Winning Through Career Change’, innovative and inspirational Navigate Your Way to a Brighter Future‘ Online Career Change Coaching Programme are all based around his 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process.

Steve’s 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process is designed to help you:

  • Manage the emotional reactions to change or transition
  • Let go and move forward with confidence
  • Re-evaluate your career and life goals
  • Establish skills, attributes, hidden talents and ‘true marketability’
  • Work through career and life options
  • Focus, gain clarity and discover a new direction
  • Unlock and fulfil your potential to achieve a new career and life path
  • Take positive action to achieve your goals

Why does Steve’s Career Navigation Cycle process work?


  1. People like having some form of framework or process to follow, so no ‘shooting in the dark’ – “You can’t hit a target you can’t see, can you?”
  2. Feedback is very definite that following Steve’s 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle gives you confidence and practical hope there is a proven process to achieve a successful career transition, career change or any other career goal
  3. You can easily see and measure your progress, as you move through each of the 6 Steps of the Cycle – “What gets measured gets done”
  4. The process helps build your confidence, motivation and momentum, as you progress – “Success goes where your energy flows and building momentum is one of the keys to your success
  5. There is a definite logical sequence to the 6 Step process to become ‘unstuck’ and gain clarity as “Success is a journey NOT a destination
  6. Steve’s Career Navigation Cycle process brings together the power of Personal Development and practical aspects of Career Development to make for a winning combination!

As Steve says on the video, the 6 steps appear simple but they involve hard work, focus, and determination. This why it pays dividends to work with a career coach like Steve to challenge you and keep you on track.

Steps 1-3 of the Career Navigation Cycle are integral to your success, because this is where the hard graft, inner self, soul-searching, Personal Development work that most people rarely do, happens.

Steps 4-6 of the Career Navigation Cycle are outer self work and more practical Career Development activities to help you complete the Cycle and achieve a successful outcome.

Life is too short – Steve’s coaching programmes and products will help you transform your career and life. So, if you want to ‘make the rest of your work life the best of your work life’, contact Steve now to discuss the best course of action for you to make a successful career change or transition!

What My Clients Say (key references to the Career Navigation Cycle)

The 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process designed by Steve is absolutely genius and has shown me that patience is key on this journey of self-discovery!

Mel Lovell

The 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process described in the book is a simple concept but is thorough, thought-provoking and affirming. Knowing that I have fully considered my career and life choices has given me reassurance and confidence in the decisions I have made since. 

Jim Enright

The 6 Step Navigation Cycle helps you like a friend by your side. You’ll learn loads and gain insights on how to positively move forward. I found Steve’s “Career Navigation Cycle” to be very helpful. All six steps are key!


Steve silently takes you on a journey supporting and encouraging you every step of the way to take stock and evaluate what you really want, by taking you through the six steps of the Career Navigation Cycle! Then after a process of transition, he says goodbye to you at the door of your new career/business. You are a completely different person having gone through a complete emotional, physical and psychological transformation, now with a smile on your face and a clear understanding of who you are, what you do best and where you are heading.


The online career change course has indeed enabled me to, as you suggest throughout, dig deeper which is big progress for me. I responded well to your video presentations,  introducing concepts and coaching me through each Step of your Cycle process. It was easier for me to address this in my own space and as a result, I have now made real breakthroughs!


Having experienced the ‘Steve Preston effect’, I am 100% confident in recommending him to any executive or professional needing help with their career development. I came to Steve at a rather low point of my career, as I had been blindsided by an out-of-the-blue redundancy that shook my self-belief and confidence to the core.

After undertaking due diligence with 5 different career coaches and outplacement specialists, I chose to work with Steve as, within a few minutes of talking to me, he displayed a rapid understanding of my situation and my emotions. He was able to explain, in real terms, how his executive career coaching and Six Step Cycle could help me to regain control over my career and life.

The following few months working with Steve were made up of moments of brilliance, trauma, inspiration, humour and challenge. It was EXACTLY what I needed and I wouldn’t want to change one moment of my time with him. Ultimately, he was able to take me from a very dark and lonely place to a point where I am now in control of my future, with the confidence to develop a career under my terms and, importantly, with the right blend of work and play. Steve’s book “Winning Through Redundancy” and the exercises within is simply fantastic as is his Portfolio Careers book.

On top of all this, Steve’s impressive work is complemented by the fact that he is a wonderful human being and a gentleman. Thank you, Steve, you have changed my life for the better.

John Watson

Steve’s Executive Career Coaching Programme is best described as the difference between looking at a road map and having a GPS in my car!
I would never dream of heading towards an unknown destination without one or other but quite simply, Steve’s Executive Breakthrough Career Development Programme has helped me keep on track in my career change journey. Despite the diversions and road blocks which most of us encounter when visiting previously uncharted territory of changing career path, whether by choice or as a result of redundancy, I do not believe that I could have got in the driving seat let alone stayed the course without his support!
Working with Steve has helped me focus on my ultimate destination and enabled me to be in the driving seat of my chosen career path. Until I started the programme, I was blinded by the oncoming headlights and stuck in a jam. Unlike the M25, Steve’s Career Navigation Cycle process enabled me to set off and change direction without losing sight of where I ultimately wanted to be.
I would also recommend ‘Winning Though Redundancy’ or ‘Winning Through Career Change’ as an absolute must read and having Steve as your navigator on the most exciting journey you will ever make!”

Bill Stewart

Steve’s knowledge and understanding of the Science of work and career is exemplary. His ability to see how to help others to realign their internal belief systems with their need to work produces explosive results. This helps to attain new goals and create new work pathways that had not previously been considered available or possible before. Working with Steve through his 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process is inspiring, creative and an essential rewiring for the brain of somebody at a dead end. 

Steve has a friendly and personable manner which makes working with him a pleasure. I thoroughly recommend Steve!

Simon Dwight

If you “want to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life”, contact Steve now for an initial confidential free consultation or bookings.