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    I don’t know where my career is heading and feel ‘lost’
    I’ve been in the same job or industry for years and feel ‘stuck in a rut’, unfulfilled
    I am not achieving / aware of my true potential or purpose
    I no longer look forward to going to work each day
    I am looking to advance my career but am having trouble getting interviews / making progress
    I may have an opportunity for redundancy but I’m not sure whether I should pursue this
    I see my redundancy as a threat and an uncertain future
    I see my redundancy as an opportunity to re-evaluate my career
    I would like to find work that is fulfilling but I’m afraid of trying something new
    I want to make a career change but have no idea what to do next
    I want to make a career change but have so many ideas I can’t decide what I should do next
    I am returning to work following a career break / redundancy and seeking to rekindle my professional career
    I would like to start my own business/be my own boss but don’t whether I can make it work or where to begin
    I am getting interviews, but no job offers so feel like giving up
    I dread applying for new jobs
    I spend too much time working or commuting and wish to re-dress my work-life balance
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