Steve The Speaker

I love sharing my knowledge and experience with other people. In addition to my periodic webinars and regular LinkedIn Live streams, I do this as a keynote motivational speaker at high profile career events, corporate conferences and professional associations, as well as being featured around the globe in media interviews, radio shows and podcasts.

My keynote signature seminars ‘Winning Through Redundancy’, ‘Portfolio Careers – How to Work for Passion, Pleasure and Profit’ and ‘Changing Careers – Six Steps to Navigate Your Way to a Brighter Future’ have inspired hundreds of people, achieving outstanding feedback.

For details of my forthcoming events check my LinkedIn profile and Career Catalyst Facebook pages for up to date information.

If you are a company or organisation looking for a motivational keynote speaker for a specific career related event please Contact me or call 07973 826424.

Popular Keynote and Presentation Topics

Winning Through Redundancy

Steve has run this inspirational seminar dozens of times to a wide range of audiences. Most notably as an uplifting motivational keynote at a corporate conference, for a whole department whose staff had just been given notice of redundancy, so no mean feat! Steve showcases how the threat of redundancy can be transformed into a bright new future, using learning from his own career transition journey and his wealth of knowledge and experience since. Steve provides practical hope also sharing key content from his Internationally acclaimed first book ‘Winning Through Redundancy’, which has received rave reviews from people around the globe!

Portfolio Careers – How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit!

Can you imagine how it would feel to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life? Regain control of your career and life to rid yourself from the daily grind? How liberating would it be to break free and turn some of your interests, passions and talents into potential income streams? Create a blended working lifestyle that provides flexibility, variety, choice and fulfilment? As a thought leader and champion of the Portfolio Career concept, in this illuminating seminar, Steve shares nuggets from his Amazon best-selling book ‘Portfolio Careers – How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit’. No longer do you need to have a ‘traditional job’ or just do one type of work to make a living, Steve showcases you do have choice and how you can work for the 3 Ps of Passion, Pleasure and Profit!

Changing Careers – Six Steps to Navigate Your Way to a Brighter Future

Changing career isn’t easy, which is why so many people live their lives in compromise, thinking ‘what if”. Having achieved his own successful career change and transition, Steve was determined find a simple and effective way to help other people also navigate the ‘career transition maze’. The result was his unique and empowering ‘6 Step Career Navigation Cycle’ process, which has since helped to transform the lives and careers of thousands of people. This inspirational seminar, is ideal for people at a career crossroads. Steve walks you through his 6 Step process to achieve a successful career change. He also showcases many great case studies and key elements from his 2nd book, the Internationally acclaimed ‘Winning Through Career Change, described is ‘the definitive career change book‘!

LinkedIn for Job Seekers or Small Business Owners

Steve regularly says ‘you have to be in it to win it’. Why? Because Steve is constantly surprised at how many of his clients and business contacts, who either ‘don’t believe in‘ or ‘don’t do’ Social Media. At best they may have a profile on LinkedIn but haven’t done anything with it. LinkedIn is undoubtedly a powerful Social Media platform for professionals and should be an integral part of any professional or executive’s online presence and personal brand. Why would you want to be hidden and put yourself at a competitive disadvantage? Steve has a variety of hands on practical seminars he runs for Executive Job clubs, Business Libraries and Small Business Owners, taking the lid off on how to get the best out of LinkedIn, either as a job seeker or a business owner. You really do’ have to be in it to win it!’

A snapshot of Steve’s Speaking Reviews

“Steve, as you are a fan of quotes, here is one by William Arthur Ward “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” A big thank you for your seminar and inspiring me to take more control of my career.”

Chuks Anochie

“Many thanks again for your presentation at our company conference and support of our situation at Pfizer. There was a lot of good feedback on Tuesday evening and during yesterday that suggests your session was well received and valued. Certainly it’s got a few people thinking and this of course was just the intention. I hope we are able to cross paths again in the future”.

Dave (Pfizer UK)

“As a member of CMI Steve was hired to do a presentation on ‘career crossroads’. With a mixed audience of those facing redundancy, those that have been through it and those feeling unsafe, he gave a tailored presentation to meet the needs of those present, which showed good skills and an understanding of people’s needs. I thoroughly recommend Steve and his company”

Tony Silver

“I wish to thank you for your excellent presentation which is exactly what was required by someone who is ‘between jobs’. It is great how you are encouraging people to think positively and to see that redundancy or career change is not the end but a new beginning and motivating people to take on the challenge to improve their whole life. I received many favourable comments about the event from everyone I spoke to, which were all completely unsolicited, so I can understand why your seminar and services are in such demand!”

Ron Hardcastle

If you want a motivational Keynote Speaker and thought leader to inspire your audience on Winning Through Redundancy, Winning Through Career Change, Portfolio Careers & How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit or other aspects of Career & Personal Development, Contact Steve to speak at your event, podcast or for a media interview.