Signature Executive Career Coaching Programme

Steve’s ‘signature’ career coaching programme is aimed at executives and senior career professionals wishing to tailor a highly flexible programme of coaching and personal development support for your specific needs. Steve will help you to re-evaluate your career direction to achieve a complete career and working lifestyle change, (maybe following redundancy) re-invent yourself to successfully transition your career or progress your career into top roles. Either way, Steve will help you to ‘become the architect of your own future‘ and how great would that feel?

Transitioning to the Next Stage of Your Career

Steve’s Signature Executive Career Coaching Programme is his most popular coaching programme for executives and senior career professionals. Steve’s empowering, successful programme, provides you with a minimum of 10 hours active personal coaching, ideally spread over a 3 month period.

Typically, you have reached a career crossroads and are either looking to change and re-evaluate your career and working lifestyle (maybe because of redundancy or re-organisation) or you are unhappy in your current job and are still aspiring to find your ideal senior role but something fulfilling in a different sector or environment. Like many of Steve’s clients and success stories (see ‘What My Clients Say’ towards foot of the page) you value working with Steve, as a leading career coach, through his unique, proven, 6 step Career Navigation Cycle process to achieve your desired new career and life goals.

Location is Not a Barrier!

Although based on the outskirts of London, UK, with modern technology, location is no barrier as Steve works with executives and senior career professionals around the globe. Examples have been Canada, USA, Australia and even British ex-pats in Dubai and Japan. All coaching sessions are conducted virtually over Zoom video meeting calls. Online video meeting sessions are usually between 1 and 2 hours, although it’s all flexible, depending on your schedule.

Voyage of Self–Discovery

Working with Steve through his unique 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process, your bespoke executive career coaching programme truly is a flexible ‘voyage of self-discovery’. Steve will help you transition to the next stage of your career with an open mind and bright new perspective.

Your first session is an in-depth review of your current career and life situation, from which Steve will help shape your needs and priorities. You drive the pace, frequency and duration of your career coaching sessions, over Zoom, as your sessions will be driven by your specific needs. This is your investment in time, energy and cost, so it must be right for you. However, be prepared for exciting and often unexpected things to evolve, as you work with Steve through your programme and start to gain clarity!

Value Added Extras

Steve has proven the power of building momentum, as one of the key ingredients to achieving your desired career and life goals. Because of this, much added value comes from Steve’s follow up and motivation between sessions. This way you will get the very best from his coaching support.

Steve follows up each coaching session with reflective video messages and suggested actions to keep you focused, motivated and moving forward. This proactive approach is something Steve takes great pride in and is another key aspect that differentiates Steve from most Career Coaches. Steve’s clients constantly mention how his follow-up to coaching sessions provides important extra motivation and real added value. Kath Wood, one of Steve’s executive clients, was very complimentary about the benefits of Steve’s coaching and follow up and was happy to share this with you:

Steve’s follow up messages go way beyond providing a summary of the coaching session. They provide an insightful and analytical resource that multiplies the value of his executive programme, giving it greater impact in between sessions and greatly supporting the all-important personal reflection time”

Steve also forges strong relationships with his clients, with many becoming friends and advocates for his work. He is a very giving and excellent ‘connector’, affording clients the opportunity to tap into his wide network of contacts, including Interim Management, private and public sector executive search consultants and other business specialists. Unlike many other Executive Career Management Consultancies, Steve doesn’t charge extra for this service. Clients often comment on how this is yet another invaluable, understated, value added and hidden benefit to Steve’s executive career coaching programmes.    

Steve’s Aim and Your Outcomes

Steve’s main guarantee is that he will challenge you and your thinking, keep you focused, motivated, building momentum and on track to work through and achieve your desired career and life goals.

Having completed Steve’s Signature Executive Career Coaching Programme, you will have journeyed through an illuminating ‘voyage of self-discovery’ to achieve clarity over your next job or career. Only you can take responsibility for your career, but you will be now be armed with the all the practical tools, motivation and knowledge to make a successful career change, transition or to achieve your ideal job.

Another important value added extra, having completed your coaching programme, you can continue to have access to Steve by phone and email for a further 3 months, for general updates, to run things past him and of course to share your all-important success stories!

Flexible Coaching Programme Personalised to Your Needs (Please note Steve will only be working with a small number of  personal coaching clients this year, so contact Steve NOW if you are interested to secure your place!)

Steve’s Signature Executive Career Coaching programme is totally bespoke, with two payment options:

  1. One time payment, in advance of coaching sessions @ £2275  (Save £205)
  2. Two instalments, in advance of each half of your coaching programme @ 2x £1240 

Both are all inclusive, providing much value added and includes: 

  • A minimum of 10 hours active 1:1 personal executive career coaching with Steve
  • Coaching sessions over Zoom video meetings spread over a 3 month period
  • Comprehensive follow-up video/email support and value added motivation
  • All of Steve’s Career Coaching materials
  • Access to Steve by phone or email for up to 6 months
  • A FREE personalised signed copy of one of Steve’s books
  • Opportunity to benefit from Steve’s wide network of colleagues and contacts

Steve can also organise longer career coaching and mentoring programmes for up to 12 months, to suit your needs and availability or programmes can be extended on an ad hoc basis. Flexible payment options are also available.

If you “want to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life”contact Steve now for an initial confidential free consultation and bookings.

Please call Steve on 07973 826424 or contact Steve for more information on his Signature Executive Career Coaching Programme or to schedule your free initial confidential consultation call.

What My Clients Say

Having experienced the ‘Steve Preston effect’, I am 100% confident in recommending him to any executive or professional needing help with their career development. I came to Steve at a rather low point of my career, as I had been blindsided by an out-of-the-blue redundancy that shook my self-belief and confidence to the core.

After undertaking due diligence with 5 different career coaches and outplacement specialists, I chose to work with Steve as, within a few minutes of talking to me, he displayed a rapid understanding of my situation and my emotions. He was able to explain, in real terms, how his executive career coaching and Six Step Cycle could help me to regain control over my career and life.

The following few months working with Steve were made up of moments of brilliance, trauma, inspiration, humour and challenge. It was EXACTLY what I needed and I wouldn’t want to change one moment of my time with him. Ultimately, he was able to take me from a very dark and lonely place to a point where I am now in control of my future, with the confidence to develop a career under my terms and, importantly, with the right blend of work and play. Steve’s book “Winning Through Redundancy” and the exercises within is simply fantastic, as is his Portfolio Careers book.

On top of all this, Steve’s impressive work is complemented by the fact that he is a wonderful human being and a gentleman. Thank you, Steve, you have changed my life for the better.

John Watson

Before I met Steve I felt I was heading into the abyss. I signed up for his Executive Career Coaching Programme, having been inspired, reading ‘Winning Through Career Change’. I have now achieved a successful career transition with a fulfilling new job and working lifestyle and feel I am boarding a train for an exciting new destination. I really enjoyed my voyage of self-discovery working with Steve, as he is a great coach and train journeys are so much more fun with a companion! 

Sandie Harries

I was introduced to Steve by my sister who he had coached a few years back with great success. I was at the end of my tether, having had numerous job application rejections and failed interviews. I had all but had given up on my job search, lost motivation and feared I would never rekindle my previous executive banking career. I had lost all my confidence and self-belief and was really bad at interviews. That’s how Steve found me!

At the height of my career, I was a high flying city banking executive, who had come from a humble upbringing and I loved my job.  I unfortunately had to give up my job, as my wife became very ill and I became the carer for my daughter. I thought this would only be a short career break but through more bad luck by the time I was ready and able to rekindle my career it had become a 5 year break. I found myself always having to justify my time out to recruiters and employers and unable to sell myself in a positive light, as I felt a failure.  

Things had got really bad. I was getting more rejections than interviews and down to my last shot at the big time. This was the job I really wanted but it seemed out of reach.

I’m so glad we met. Steve coached me to understand my strengths, my positive attributes and how I could turn the negatives of my time out of the sector into positives. He focused on helping me see things from a different perspective, how I had set up my own trading business, learnt many new business skills, kept up to speed with the sector through a huge amount of reading, also how I had learnt to become resilient through all the challenges I faced.  

My answers changed. With Steve’s interview skills coaching and focused practice, came confidence. I put my trust in Steve and whatever time I phoned him, he would always offer encouragement. Then my body language changed and my attitude. I made it through three rounds of tough interviews, then was called to an informal meeting. Steve told me this must be a positive sign, just to show interest and be my natural self and I would get the job. It seemed to go well and suddenly I believed.

I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I was when finally offered the job in a leading city institution! I have told others about ‘the Steve Preston effect’. Not only is Steve a great coach but a gentleman too and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Arif Syed

I engaged Steve’s support during my transition to independence following many years of working within the corporate environment. It was a key point in my life where I needed to stop and reflect upon what my future held. Steve coached me through a number of key areas in order for me to confidently pursue my personal goal and the process of re-branding myself as ‘ME’. The power of coaching is not fully understood until you have experienced it first hand and with Steve’s extensive knowledge and a never ending ‘toolkit’ it makes the process not only enjoyable but an empowering one that I can fully recommend.

Jane Seeley

Steve’s Executive Breakthrough Career Development Programme is best described as the difference between looking at a road map and having a GPS in my car!
I would never dream of heading towards an unknown destination without one or other but quite simply, Steve’s Executive Breakthrough Career Development Programme has helped me keep on track in my career change journey. Despite the diversions and road blocks which most of us encounter when visiting previously uncharted territory of changing career path, whether by choice or as a result of redundancy, I do not believe that I could have got in the driving seat let alone stayed the course without his support!
Working with Steve has helped me focus on my ultimate destination and enabled me to be in the driving seat of my chosen career path. Until I started the programme, I was blinded by the oncoming headlights and stuck in a jam. Unlike the M25, Steve’s Career Navigation Cycle process enabled me to set off and change direction without losing sight of where I ultimately wanted to be.
I would also recommend Winning Though Redundancy – Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future’ an absolute must read and having Steve as your navigator on the most exciting journey you will ever make!

Bill Stewart

Working with Steve has made a real and lasting difference to my life – sounds dramatic but it’s true. His way of working really resonated with me; we had fun but got through a whole load of difficult stuff! Steve helped me to find a good work/life balance, to recognise what I had to offer and to have the confidence to demonstrate it to others. As a result, I am more focused at work, achieving great results that others are recognising and happier at home. Steve has continued to be a confidante and friend to me and I am so pleased to have met him.

Lisa Hughes

Steve is an expert in unlocking potential and helping clients make an impact. His coaching methods and materials are thought provoking, engaging and deliver results.

Dean Creamer

When I was stuck in a rut and looking to develop my career to the next stage, I enlisted Steve’s help to provide the focus and clarity I needed to ensure that I was applying for the right jobs and to also market myself in the most effective way. Steve helped me to really understand my true marketability, what was important to me in my next role and motivated me to achieve job success. He is an encouraging, professional and expert and I highly recommend him and his career coaching for any professionals and executives looking to develop their career.

Richard Castleton

Steve is one of the UK’s market leaders in Career and Personal Development. He is incredibly skilled in unlocking and opening your mind to believing in and fulfilling your own true potential. Steve is in demand, work with him while you can!

Debbie Smith

Steve was the first professional Manager I had back in the 1980’s. After 20 years our paths crossed again when I was stuck in a rut and in real need to develop my career. I contacted Steve having had a bad experience with a well known large career management consultancy and was getting nowhere! I used Steve’s coaching experience to identify my key skills and marketability and help create a CV that would stand out from the rest and get in front of potential employers. Within a matter of weeks I was getting interest.

Steve then coached me how to win the interview, as like many sales people, although I can sell pretty much any product I was struggling to sell myself in the most effective way and create impact at an interview. I managed to achieve this and land a role with a superb company. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Steve to any professional or executive who wants to move on or change their career and needs the expert advice and one to one coaching that he offers.

Dino Toouli

I was introduced to Steve at a time when I was considering my future career options. Steve brought a wealth of experience, tools & insight to help me understand myself better and how I could approach my career, job searches and interviews. Having recently gone through a redundancy process I called on Steve’s services again and he was an integral part of my transitioning successfully to a new role.

Adam Thomas

At a time when I felt at the peak of a career crossroads, Steve not only focused my mind but helped me to understand what it was that I really wanted and needed. Steve not only gave me a sense of direction but opened my mind to the situation I was in and where my future lay, in terms of career progression but also the need I felt for a position that had meaning and that could give me a sense of achievement that reached beyond the 9-5. 

Steve gave me some great advice on building my CV and helped me to fine tune the highlights and achievements I wanted to present to prospective employers. After spending months deliberating, within weeks I had two offers on the table from two fantastic companies and had the luxury of choosing which offer to accept! My career has really taken off but without Steve’s help I believe I would still be confused and unsure of where to begin, so I could not make a higher recommendation!

Sasha Harbridge

Steve, I can honestly say how much your coaching helped me, especially to look at things in a very different way.

Working out that I really didn’t want to let go of my high pressure NHS work was pretty major for me. Also, the coaching sessions and follow-up exercises made me realise how much else I needed to ‘let go of’, especially some of the beliefs that were holding me back and causing me unnecessary angst. Being able to break down those issues and others, into individual issues, instead of a big scary single mess, have made them much easier to deal with. I have definitely become much more effective, as a result.

Rupert Wainwright

Until we started working together, I had never realised my true worth or how important it was to me to get paid this, I just knew I had to leave my current job as I wasn’t happy. Steve, as a result of the Coaching, things have now reached new heights!

I am now so much more aware of my skills and attributes and what I have to offer an employer and I have hit my target rate. So, that’s a really significant increase on my new contract! You have even helped me change the way I speak to people at work and family.

I have been rocking it so, I can only say, this is the value of Steve Preston’s coaching! Thank you again – you are amazing!!!!!

Naheed Hanif

If you “want to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life”, contact Steve now for an initial confidential free consultation or bookings.