Career Values

We are in uncharted times…

Are you stuck at home facing or post redundancy/lay-off or just fed up and need to re-evaluate your career?

Do you know your ‘must have’ Career Values to achieve fulfilment in your working life?

Your Values are what you hold dear. They are the foundation to build from and underpin everything to ensure you are happy and fulfilled in your job, or life.

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Can You Imagine…

  • How would it feel to wake up looking forward to your work regardless of whether it was a Monday or Friday?
  • Having clarity on what is important to you in your job or career?
  • No longer feeling like a square peg in a round hole?
  • Being able to apply for the right jobs for you?
  • Realising you no longer want to work for other people?
  • Having a ‘template’ to help you audit the right future work opportunities for you?
  • Understanding why you have enjoyed some jobs more than others?

If many of these statements ring true, then it’s time to assess your career values and needs to help you find the right job or work for you.

Check out my video to learn more about the importance of your Career Values and Needs. Also, my remote, electronic, Career Values Tool can help you start building for a new job or career or validate if you are in the right one now!

A couple of sample reviews which showcase the benefits of this low cost but high impact exercise!

“I found this a really valuable exercise. Assessing my career values and needs really helped me to clarify my thinking about which aspects of my work that I found most fulfilling and allowed me to think clearly about my future options. It is also great value and a very easy exercise to understand and tool to use.”

J.C. Graham

“I used the Career Values and Needs Tool. It took about an hour and made me think hard! I read the results and realised… actually I don’t want to work as hard as I am now. I want more work-life balance, variety, flexibility and holidays, which I guess means portfolio or consultancy work would suit me best. I have now taken the actions to make this happen, so it has been life-changing!”

Denise Edens

Please note: The Career Values and Needs tool, is a Microsoft Excel file download. You don’t need to know how to use Excel to complete this exercise but you need to have MS Excel or compatible software.

Before deciding note that this tool is also included within my new ‘Winning Through Redundancy & Lay-offs’ breakthrough, empowering and and highly practical online programme. If you are a casualty of redundancy/lay-off and are looking for a much more comprehensive approach, then check this course out first.