I Want A Career Change MP3 Audio Book is a great start point if you are considering a career change!

6  Steps to navigate your way to a brighter future! 

  • Are you ‘lost in your job’, stuck in a rut, unfulfilled and have no idea how to move forward?
  • Returning to work after a career break and are looking for new direction?  
  • Have you recently lost your job through redundancy and are unsure what to do next?

Research shows that one in two people are ‘in the wrong job’ and two out of three are unfulfilled in their work. The reality is most people find it too scary or just don’t know how to make a career change. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

If so buy I Want A Career Change MP3 Audio Book now because…… this 4 MP3 set Career Audio Book is fantastic value with over two hours of content featuring Steve Preston sharing his knowledge and experience to inspire you to consider taking ‘the leap of faith’ and making a career change, so you won’t feel alone! 

Life is too short to be unhappy. Take the leap of faith and do what you love! Join me and listen to I Want A Career Change MP3 Audio Book to learn how to follow my 6 step Career Navigation Cycle process to start your journey to making a successful career change. Hear some inspiring examples of my clients and people I know that have made amazing careers change to find work they love and lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.”