DISC Personality Profiling


What is DISC?

DISC is a psychometric test and one of the most widely used and highly validated personality profile instruments of its kind for career professionals in the world.


Why use DISC Profiling?

  • It’s easy to use with quick and simple personality questionnaires
  • Its results produced in a self-explanatory, comprehensive 20-page report will give you powerful information about yourself to develop greater self-awareness
  • It’s a great aid for career and personal development whether you are looking to change or progress your career
  • Your DISC profile will provide new ideas to create a more compelling CV and LinkedIn profile
  • Understanding your DISC profile will help you sell yourself in a better light at interviews

The Benefits of DISC Profiling

Your DISC style will tell you a great deal about:

  • Your general characteristics
  • How you are motivated
  • What environment you prefer
  • How you achieve goals
  • How you communicate with others
  • How you prefer others to communicate with you
  • Your value to a team
  • Your greatest fear
  • Personal Growth areas
  • Your strengths in leadership
  • How you tend to see yourself
  • How you think other people expect you to behave
  • How you respond to pressure

DISC Behavioural Styles:

The D Factor: Dominant, Driven, Determined, Direct, Demanding, Doer –  Results Orientated

The I Factor:  Inspirational, Influential, Interesting, Interactive, Impulsive, Impressive – People Orientated

The S Factor:  Steady, Stable, Supportive, Sensitive, Status Quo – Kind, Empathetic

The C Factor: Cautious, Conscientious, Compliant, Competent, Contemplative – Critical Thinkers

If you are keen to understand your behavioural style to help you perform better in your current job, work towards a promotion or a career change then BUY NOW

You also have the opportunity of adding the benefit of a 30 minute follow-up coaching call with Steve to review your profile

Note: Once payment has been made you will be sent a personal email invitation and link to start your online profiling. Completed DISC profile reports will be checked by Steve and emailed as a PDF file usually within 24 hours.


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