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“In his new book, Steve Preston questions the traditional way of working. In an era where there is no longer the promise of a job for life and many people are searching for something more, why not question the old paradigm? Steve does this brilliantly in ‘Portfolio Careers’.
With simple and easy to follow systems, he gives you strategies to create your portfolio career, removing excuses, and giving choices to help you to take that leap of faith. Backed up with inspiring stories and case studies, at a glance you can see how it’s worked for others – with a lot of learning along the way. If you’re fed up with the daily grind and want something new, then get a copy of Steve’s book!”

Karen Williams, Author and book mentor

“Many books address escaping from the job in which milestones have become millstones; where you are working to fulfil other people’s visions. Some tell you how to set up you own business, or ‘follow your heart’; but just as you get enthused with the idea, you see the acknowledgement saying, ‘Thank you to my partner whose job as a top executive kept us afloat until the business got going’. Steve Preston’s book is not like this; although it does suggest following your heart, it does this in a practical way. It reveals the pitfalls as well as the benefits of the suggested approach; most of these are illustrated by stories of people who have portfolio careers (and not necessarily knowing that they had).

It is not saying you have to set up your own business, but you can if you need one as an extra string to your bow. The aim is to do what you enjoy doing for passion, pleasure and profit, and in such a way that you have several income streams. This may include a salaried job, or it may be entirely self-employed. Steve provides some techniques in the book and its references to let go of the past and widen your horizons when deciding what to do, all supported by examples.

I discovered that my job with its unpaid overtime had become a (bad) habit, and that I should get back to writing, ‘speaking’, and solving people’s technical problems, with a bit of art on the side, and maybe work towards having a portfolio retirement. 5 stars: Exceptional, a ‘must read for any manager or leader.”

John S, Chartered Management Institute Book Club

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