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How do you ever find your way to somewhere you don’t know how to get to? In life, we are used to using maps to get our bearings and follow directions. In the 21st century digital age, Smartphones come supplied with maps and a sat nav facility, which makes it easy for us. This is fine if you are in your car or walking but what happens when you are in transition or looking to change career and achieve career success? This isn’t so easy, is it?

Don’t get lost at sea!

Imagine you are the captain of a ship, on the bridge, your focus completely on a wild, stormy sea. As captain, it is your responsibility to navigate a safe route, to win through the chaos. Using a process involving your skills, satellite technology and your experience, you as captain work out the best way to reach your destination on time and safely. In essence, you are guided by a process with the help of satellite technology. Without this your ship will be at risk of getting lost at sea.

Are you treading water?

It is my experience, that many people facing career or life changes such as redundancy or the fallout from restructuring, all too often remain ‘lost at sea’. Likewise people who jump ship and take the ‘leap of faith’ to try something new, can also end up lost at sea instead of achieving career success. Why is this? Because they feel the need to tread water, hoping that dry land will appear. Amid this time of uncertainty, the notion of winning through their current situation is usually so removed from their thinking. Have you experienced these feelings? Are you treading water and need help to navigate your way to career success?

Your Sat Nav to Career Success 

There isn’t an obvious map to help you achieve career success if you are going through transition or change but what if you had a Career Navigation Cycle’, so you can plot your journey, follow the steps, see these through and successfully arrive at your end goal? How good would that be?

Finally, check out my video below and the helpful acronym that I talk about. By using these positive attributes and following my Carer Navigation Cycle process, you will put yourself well and truly on course to achieve your career transition or change goal and career success. Good luck with your quest!  

M = Mindset & Motivation

A = Attitude & Action

P = Planning & Persistence/ Perseverance 

S = Self Belief & Self Awareness