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Steve Preston is back with us to talk about Portfolio Careers. The way we work and the world of work is changing! Employment specialists have predicted for many years that work will become less structured and secure in the future and that we will face constant change in our working lives. This is definitely proving to be true. People are also becoming more aware and demanding about having a more balanced and fulfilling working lifestyle, are you?

In this webinar, discover how Steve Preston, a thought leader in the world of Portfolio Careers, has helped hundreds of people to create a working life where you’ll enjoy Mondays as much as Friday’s. How great would that feel?

Steve’s mantra is “You spend more waking hours at work than in any other activity. Life is too short, so why be unhappy? The ‘the leap of faith’ and do what you love!”

Steve was inspired by the amazing foresight of Charles Handy and Peter Drucker many years ago and has since been championing the merits of the Portfolio Career. He has developed and delivered numerous workshops, Masterclasses and seminars plus also had many published articles around the subject, co-authored an audio book plus has plans for a mainstream book later this year.