Welcome to my personal website and blog for Steve Preston The Career Catalyst ®.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Research consistently shows that around one in two people are in the wrong job and two out of three are unfulfilled in their work. On the basis we spend more of our waking hours at work than in any other activity, my mantra is why be unhappy as you have the opportunity to find work you enjoy, which provides you with fulfilment and a sense of well-being.

If my mantra resonates with you, then you have come to the right site to find quality career and personal development products for people like you who are looking to change careers and improve your working life and lifestyle.

As The Career Catalyst ® my aim is to provide a range of quality, innovative career and personal development products from books, MP3 downloads, audio books, DVDs, online programmes and seminars which will have a wide-ranging appeal.

In addition, I offer a range of unique masterclasses and one-to-one personal coaching and mentoring programmes for professionals and executives, to help you unlock your potential and transform your career and life.

As an expert in the world of career development plus someone with a massive interest in the power of personal development, I’ll be posting blogs which should be of general interest to people in both of these areas. I will also be looking for other experts to contribute on areas of mutual interest and will likewise return the favour with guest blogs for your sites.

I will also provide updates for some of my forthcoming events, including a range of masterclasses, workshops and seminars. Please spread the word and share my blog and website with friends and contacts.

Please note if you are looking for very specific career advice blogs visit my SMP Career Advice site where you find a wide range of blogs on many aspects of developing your career.