No not that old joke about your alarm clock or Smartphone!

If you have read any of my books or blogs or already done some ‘stock taking’ of your own, you might well be starting to re-evaluate your current career situation. Digging deeper, will help to consider some of your key motivators and drivers, as this will give you even more powerful information to help you re-evaluate what is important to you in your career and life and why e.g. what are the must have values and needs in your career and life? These are important because they will provide some real clues as to:

  • Why you want to work
  • What really gets you out of bed each day

Wage Slaves!

Research over the last decade consistently shows that 1 in 2 people are in ‘the wrong job’ and ‘unfulfilled’. This is startling to say the least and such people are effectively ‘wage slaves’. We all know people who feel this way about their jobs, who spend their lives moaning and groaning about their company, boss etc. You may also feel this way, which suggests that your Values and Needs are out of synch with your job, employer or career.

The Importance of Understanding Your Values and Needs

We all have a set of values; they are the things we believe in and hold dear. They often change over time. We are unlikely to have exactly the same values as an adult that we had as a teenager, but we rarely audit or even consider them. We also have a set of needs. These are things that we must have in order to feel motivated and they contribute to our overall sense of well-being.

Your values and needs are the foundation to build from, when it comes to changing job or careers. Why? Because, without understanding your values and needs it is almost impossible to find real meaning and fulfillment, which is fundamental when it comes to finding the right job, career or work for you. You need to establish:

  • What motivates you?
  • What drives you?
  • What you want to take forward with you in the future?

Auditing Your Values and Needs

My experience is that you rarely consider your values and needs until you are facing a significant event or change of circumstances in their life, such as marriage, divorce, parenthood, an organisational restructure where you may be displaced, or the realisation that you are so fed up with your job that you just want to walk away and start all over again.

Values and needs are things we probably take for granted and as stated they will undoubtedly change over time. However, because they are rarely audited, this means you are unlikely to be aware of what your key values and needs really are. Often, it is only when you start to challenge why you feel the way you do about your career situation that values even come into consideration.

In my case it was really brought home to me big time after the death of my Father. At that time I was considering rekindling my executive career. Suddenly this felt hugely insignificant, as there were far more important things in life, not least how on earth my Mother would cope without him, as they had been ‘joined at the hip’ for over fifty years. I realised that having more flexibility in my working life was something I now valued and needed.

Do You Have a Values Based Career Plan? 

When I was working in the corporate world, one of my ambitions was to retire at 55. I thought by then I would have done enough and would want to slow down. I had visions of spending my time doing things I enjoy, like more time to play golf, more time with my wife, taking more holidays and the other things you rarely get the chance to do when you are working full on for an employer.

Since doing what I love, in the career coaching world, writing, speaking and running my business, retirement couldn’t be further from my mind. I am now past the magic 55 and want to carry on working for as long as I feel I’m enjoying it. My ultimate reward is making a difference to the lives of other people by helping them to transform their careers and lives. There is no better feeling for me and this is what drives me. I guarantee that whatever career plan you’ve set, once you change career and start doing something you love, your whole perspective will change and how good would that feel?

Your Opportunity to Audit Your Values and Needs

How would it feel to wake up each morning, looking forward to your working day regardless of whether it was a Monday or Friday? Good, I’m sure? Therefore, if you are serious about establishing the must haves in your career and life, check out my video below, which explains more.

Values and Needs are an integral part of Step 2 of my Career Navigation Cycle process and Chapter 2 of my latest book, Winning Through Career Change, described as ‘the definitive career change book‘. If you or someone you know are looking to make a winning career change, then my book or coaching programmes could be just the kick-start you need!

Are you now keen to establish your top values and needs? If so, you have the opportunity to assess your own Career Values and Needs with this highly effective, empowering exercise or included as part of my innovative and inspirational online career change & transition programme!