Job Interviews – How to Win


Job interviews come in all shapes and sizes in today's 21st century digital age. It wasn't that long ago that the telephone interview was considered to be an innovative new and time saving approach. They are now commonplace and mainly for screening out prospective candidates. Nowadays job interviews over [...]

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What Do Employers Want?


Top Career Coach, Steve Preston will help you get into the mindset of an employer by creating awareness of the skills, attributes and characteristics employers are looking for and expecting from employees in the 21st century workplace. If you are job seeking, looking to progress or change careers, it is important to [...]

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Winning at Interviews


Following a successful 'Winning at Interviews' part 1, Steve Preston will focus on what to expect from different types of interviews you could be faced with and how to tackle these to win the job! Winning at Interviews (part 2) will be very practical and interactive. If you missed 'Winning at [...]

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Winning at Interviews!


Are you getting job interviews but not winning at interviews and getting the job? Do you have a fear of interviews and rarely perform your best? Maybe not had an  interview in years? In today’s competitive market it is vital to sell yourself in the best light and stand out [...]

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Developing Your Career – What Are The Benefits?


What are the benefits of developing your career? A simple answer would be you are helping to unlock and fulfil your true potential, which surely must be the aim for most people in life, don't you think? Also by going through the process and seeing what you have to offer [...]

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Six Steps to Win Through Career Crossroads


Why are you at career crossroads? Are you ‘lost in your job’, stuck in a rut, not achieving your potential, maybe a square peg in a round hole? Or are you at a career crossroads because you have lost your job through redundancy and are unsure how to move forward? [...]

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