Why are you at career crossroads?

Are you ‘lost in your job’, stuck in a rut, not achieving your potential, maybe a square peg in a round hole? Or are you at a career crossroads because you have lost your job through redundancy and are unsure how to move forward? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Research on job happiness invariably shows that around 1 in 2 people are ‘in the wrong job’ and 2 out of 3 are ‘unfulfilled’.

Ready to progress or change your career?

Good news! There is a definite process to achieving a successful career transition, which I developed by analysing the common themes for success. Watch the video for an in depth explanation of my process. Importantly, my six step Career Navigation Cycle process works whether you are proactively looking to progress your career, to change career, or to consider your options following redundancy.

Step 1 – Let go and look forward

You are what you think and feel. Changing jobs, career or winning through redundancy is about positive mindset. See your situation as an opportunity rather than a threat. It’s never too late to change!

Step 2 – Re-evaluate

What does success mean to you? What is important to you in your career and life and WHY? How much do you need to earn to lead the life you want?

Step 3Establish Your True Marketability

Self-awareness is a key to selling yourself for your next job or career. Transferable skills are important but are only part of the picture. Understanding who you are and what you have to offer will help you sell yourself in the best light on your CV, at interviews and when networking.

Step 4 – Explore Opportunities

Research the type of job, employer, environment or business idea you may have. Network, network, network! It is often the most surprising people who can unlock the key to your future.

Step 5 – Decide What to Do

You do have CHOICE! Do you want another job or want to be your own boss? Do you like the idea of a Portfolio Career and lifestyle?

Step 6 – Take Positive Action

The future may look scary or exciting but you don’t want to be thinking ‘what if’, do you? Instead, how great would it feel to end up doing work you love and achieve fulfilment in your life? Fantastic, wouldn’t it? Follow the Nike adage and ‘just do it’!

Enjoy this short video as I walk you through all 6 steps of my highly acclaimed SMP Career Navigation Cycle process to help you win through your career crossroads!

So, how serious are you about achieving a successful job or career change? Contact me if you, like hundreds of my successful clients, would value working with me to help you achieve your successful career transition!