Project Description

Breakthrough Career Development Programme

Steve’s most popular career coaching programme for professionals up to middle management level. Working 1:1 with Steve to focus on your goals has helped many people progress their career to achieve their dream job or change careers and transform their lives! You could be next. How great would it feel to take control of your career and life?

Steve’s Breakthrough Career Development Programme provides an opportunity for 8 hours of personalised, 1:1 career coaching support working with Steve through his unique, empowering 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process. This programme has proven greatly beneficial for professionals up to mid management level either looking to change careers, transition following redundancy, or progress your career into senior management to make your breakthrough!

Steve’s flexible Breakthrough Career Development Programme provides you with the opportunity to select the individual career coaching sessions that meet your own career and personal development needs through face to face meetings, remotely over Zoom/Skype video meetings, or a combination of both, depending on your location and availability.

You can organise your programme in 2 hour chunks or flexibly to suit your needs. You determine with Steve the frequency and duration of your sessions, over a 2-3 month period. Steve follows up each coaching session his with reflective e-mails and suggested action points to keep you focused and moving forward, between coaching sessions. This approach is another aspect that differentiates Steve from many other Career Coaches. However, building momentum is one of the key ingredients to achieving your desired career and life goals and Steve’s clients constantly mention how his follow-up to coaching sessions provides important extra motivation and real added value.

Please note: Your first coaching session is usually an in depth career and life review. This helps to flesh out your key needs to personalise your career coaching programme. However, your career coaching programme is highly flexible and as such is likely to evolve based around your changing priorities. This way you will get the very best from your support, as this is your investment in time, energy and cost, so it must be right for you!

Steve’s Breakthrough Career Development Programme is priced at £1360 inclusive, which offers exceptional value.

You also have the option for staged payments with two £700 instalments in advance of each 4 hours of support. Longer career coaching programmes are also available or coaching programmes can be extended on an ad hoc needs basis.

If you “want to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life” contact Steve now for an initial confidential free consultation and bookings.

Please contact Steve for more information, an initial free consultation and bookings.

What My Clients Say

Steve is exactly what you need in a careers coach! He is personable, approachable and committed to helping you find and reach your end goal. He doesn’t force any opinions onto you; instead he allows you to go on your own journey of self-discovery and with his guidance you realise what you want out of your next steps in your career. For me, finding out that I was interested in a portfolio career was like an epiphany.

I realised that I wanted to continue with my current career but also wanted to pursue other interests which I could possibly use as another source of income. The journey is about understanding what your values and needs are at that point of time in your life (and can constantly change at different stages in your life). Although Steve secretly knew that this is what I would be interested in, he allowed me to go through my own steps to come to that conclusion myself whilst providing so much assistance and guidance throughout my journey. I cannot recommend him enough.

Mel Lovell

Steve was the first professional Manager I had back in the 1980’s. After 20 years our paths crossed again when I was stuck in a rut and in real need to develop my career. I contacted Steve having had a bad experience with a well known large career management consultancy and was getting nowhere! I used Steve’s coaching experience to identify my key skills and marketability and help create a CV that would stand out from the rest and get in front of potential employers. Within a matter of weeks I was getting interest. Steve then coached me how to win the interview, as like many sales people, although I can sell pretty much any product I was struggling to sell myself in the most effective way and create impact at an interview. I managed to achieve this and land a role with a superb company. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Steve to any professional or executive who wants to move on or change their career and needs the expert advice and one to one coaching that he offers.

Dino Toouli

I found coaching with Steve hugely valuable and inspiring. Steve helped me to recognise my skills and attributes, and helped me to see that I have a unique contribution and value and guided me towards achieving the career of my dreams. I particularly valued his individual approach whereby he went at my pace and the sessions were tailored to my needs as an individual. He motivated me to succeed by helping me set powerful goals and I am now well on my way to having a successful portfolio career. I recommend Steve as a Careers Coach very highly.

Bridget Morris

I decided to review my business direction as I had reached a point where it was clear to me that some of my biggest clients would be affected by the recession – especially my public sector clients who were about to be hit with massive cuts. I contacted Steve because we had so much in common on the occasions when we met for informal catch ups. Steve suggested that we start afresh with a look at my business and personal values. Then we could start examining my options. From there we could create a new business plan. Over a few sessions with Steve, I managed to gain further clarity and explore the pros and cons of my new ideas. What I particularly appreciated with Steve, is that he gave me practical strategies and put me in touch with other excellent providers who could help move my business along. Thanks to Steve, I hope to have a profitable and fun year. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve as a great coach and mentor.

Hoda Lacey

Steve’s knowledge and understanding of the Science of work and career is exemplary. His ability to see how to help others to realign their internal belief systems with their need to work produces explosive results. This helps to attain new goals and create new work pathways that had not previously been considered available or possible before. Working with Steve through his 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process, is inspiring, creative and an essential rewiring for the brain of somebody at a dead end. 

Steve has a friendly and personable manner which makes working with him a pleasure. I thoroughly recommend Steve!

Simon Dwight

I signed up to Steve’s Career Breakthrough Programme. It provided me with the tools to identify the road blocks to my future career!  The process was quite eye opening in that it brought many skills and achievements I had but never registered them as such. Now I know it’s up to me to make it happen!

Seema Pattni

Steve is an expert in unlocking potential and helping clients make an impact. His coaching methods and materials are thought provoking, engaging and deliver results.

Dean Creamer

Having attended Steve’s Masterclass, and follow-up careers coaching, I can honestly attest to Steve’s commitment, objectivity and clarity.

With Steve’s input I was able to: find my way out of joblessness and lack of direction, set initial work search goals, progressing to a purposeful career plan, grow in interview skills and clarity to prepare me for each step. The result is a new level of confidence and belief in my own competence and capabilities, that helped me achieve a full-time vocational role.

Anne Montefiore

If you “want to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life”, contact Steve now for an initial confidential free consultation or bookings.