Monday Moan Day!

Now the main holiday season is almost over and it’s back to work, it begs the question; do you love or loathe Mondays? Is it Monday moan day?

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Does the thought of Monday fill you a sense of ‘sadness’?

Is this because your weekend is over and that you now have to work for another five days until you get your next two days off?  Typically, this Monday ‘moan day’ feeling hits many people within the working population, across the globe. For some it’s almost an innate fear of what you have to face as Monday morning dawns. It’s the realisation that, you; like so many others, actually dread going to work because you are unsatisfied and unfulfilled in the job you do.  Does this sound like you?

Twenty Top Moans

  1. Having to work in great weather
  2. Getting a phone call just as you are about to leave the office
  3. Slow or constantly crashing computers
  4. General IT issues
  5. Office is too hot/cold
  6. Printers keep jamming
  7. No aircon/ freezing cold aircon
  8. People not replying to emails
  9. Being copied into emails that aren’t of any importance to you
  10. Not being informed about things that are important to you
  11. Meetings for the sake of meetings
  12. People pretending to be sick
  13. Difficult colleagues
  14. Colleagues who talk incessantly
  15. Colleagues who constantly complain about being busy
  16. Colleagues sucking up to the boss
  17. The ‘toxic’ boss /work environment
  18. Being micro managed
  19. People not saying ‘thank you’
  20. Your commute

Have you fallen into the ‘funnel of life’?

Think about it. A funnel is broad at the top, its sole purpose being to collect as much as possible. As you move down a funnel it gradually becomes narrower and narrower. Now take a look at the ‘funnel of your life’ in relation to the work that you do. What do you see?

Is your funnel filling up with ‘everything’ but ‘nothing’ in reality? Is the work that you are doing just ‘clogging up’ your funnel? Does it stop your funnel being filled with a working lifestyle that is fulfilling and satisfying?

Are you ready to reverse your Monday moan day feeling?

You do realise that you have the power to do this, don’t you? You can change the way you fill your funnel. Why? Because you have access to an incredible portfolio of skills, talents and knowledge you have learned, developed and refined throughout your working life, some that you enjoy, and others not so. You will no doubt also have other talents, passions, interests and knowledge outside of your work that ultimately could help to unlock your true potential!

One of the first questions to ask yourself is: “Is there only one job to suit me?”

When you think about what you are good at and what you enjoy, you can take steps to redefine how you can work, in effect, how you can ‘specialise’ in different things.

Choice will play a key role in helping you change your mind set

Redefine how you want to work and then set about choosing how to develop greater knowledge in the different areas you are passionate about. This will help you focus on more of what you want to fill you funnel with.

As you begin to consider your new funnel of life, you will allow yourself an opportunity to free your mind from thoughts around only doing one type of job or work. From variety comes choice. The choice that can give you the flexibility and control of how you spread what you do over days in your own ‘working week’. Think about it.

Stretch your thinking and challenge yourself to create a working life that suits you, it provides you with an income, and that from it you derive purpose, fulfilment and happiness.

Fill your funnel of life with what you do want and banish your Monday moan day and learn to love Mondays as much as Fridays!

Steve Preston is known as The Career Catalyst ®. A leading Career Coach to executives and professionals, the Career Coach’s Coach, MD of specialist Consultancy SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltdmotivational speaker and Internationally acclaimed Author of Career and Personal Development books and products, including Portfolio Careers – How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit, Winning through Career Change and Winning Through Redundancy