Job interviews come in all shapes and sizes in today’s 21st century digital age. It wasn’t that long ago that the telephone interview was considered to be an innovative new and time saving approach. They are now commonplace and mainly for screening out prospective candidates. Nowadays job interviews over Video meetings using Zoom, Teams or Skype have rapidly replaced the telephone interview and become the norm during the Covid Pandemic. So, the way job interviews are being conducted might be changing but what about how most people tackle job interviews or feel about them?

  • Did you know that most people are totally fearful of job interviews?
  • Did you know that some people never fulfil their true potential because they avoid job interviews altogether?
  • Did you know that you are not alone if you find it difficult to sell yourself?

Does this sound like you?

What if you could reframe your thinking so that you overcome any negative feelings of self-doubt and instead focus on job interviews being a positive opportunity to shine? Can you imagine what it would feel like going to job interviews confident, focused, fully prepared, looking forward to the process and ready to wow the interviewers? Wouldn’t that just be great?

My 9 P’s for winning at job interviews

As with most things in life, it starts with Planning and Preparation. Your research is absolutely key nowadays

Punctual – get off to the right start as no prizes for turning up late!

Personal Presentation – dress for success, stand tall and sit upright to show signs of confidence

Personality – let it shine through by being yourself and personable rather than robotic

Positive – in your attitude and only focus on answers that will show you in a good light!

Patient – actively listen before you rush in with your answers

Punchy – Aim to intrigue not inform! Structure your answers in a clear and precise way. Rambling on won’t get you the job!   

‘People say’ – tactically using 3rd party endorsement is very powerful, especially if you relate this to specific examples from your boss or colleagues  

Practice, practice, practice! Answering difficult job interview questions and using great examples to showcase your competence

Winning at job interviews is an art, including answering the dreaded ‘tell me about yourself question’. Check out my video and if you are serious about making sure you nail your next interview to secure the job you really want, isn’t it worth some investment in your time with me, in order to make this happen?