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Can you imagine how would it feel to wake up each Monday morning in the knowledge that you have an exciting and enjoyable week ahead, doing work you love? Wouldn’t that be just great?

Most People are Unfulfilled in Their Jobs

The sobering statistics are that research consistently shows 1 in 2 people is in the ‘wrong job’ and 2 out of 3 are unfulfilled in their jobs. Therefore millions of people are unhappy and in the ‘wrong job’ or career. We all know people like this, don’t we? They are forever bemoaning their lot but never do anything about it or just accept that this is the way is has to be, as after all you don’t have to enjoy your job, do you? Or do you?!

Maybe you recognise these feelings? The reality is that only a small percentage of people ever take the ‘leap of faith’ and decide to take positive action to make a career change. You will want to join this special ‘club’, wont’ you?

Change your thinking and you will change your life!

I will show you throughout the book how you can change your thinking so you learn that you do have CHOICE and how to take control of your career and life, not just now but for the rest of your working life and just think how good that will be.

‘Career’ is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary “as a person’s course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)”. In this definition career is understood to relate to a range of aspects of an individual’s life, learning and work. You may not have previously thought about this but your career and life are inextricably linked. Why?….. Because if you are happy in your job or career, this has a direct impact on how you feel about life in general. Likewise if you are unhappy in your life, this is bound to affect your performance in your job or career.


To help you start your voyage of self-discovery you should complete the Current Situation Quiz.  This will set the scene and allow you to put your first stake in the ground to highlight why you feel you want to change career. Being totally honest, as you must be with all the exercises in this book, consider the following statements and put Y (yes) or N (no) as applicable to you after each statement or a separate document or piece of paper.

You can also find a downloadable electronic version of this quiz in the bonus extras on my Career Catalyst website

Current Situation Quiz

  1. I don’t know where my career is heading and feel lost
  2. I’ve been in the same job or industry for years and feel stuck in a rut, unfulfilled
  3. I am not achieving / aware of my true potential or purpose
  4. I no longer look forward to going to work each day
  5. I may have the opportunity for voluntary redundancy (lay off) but am not sure whether I should pursue this
  6. As part of an organisational restructure, my job will disappear. I feel apprehensive as I have been identified to be redeployed into a completely different role, moving away from my specialism
  7. I would like to find work that is fulfilling but I’m afraid of trying something new
  8. I want to make a career change but have no idea what to do next
  9. I want to make a career change but have so many ideas I can’t decide what I should do
  10. I am returning to work following a career break/redundancy (lay off) and seeking a new career/life path
  11. I would like to start my own business/be my own boss, but don’t know what to do, whether I am capable of making it work or where to begin
  12. I am getting interviews but no job offers so feel like giving up
  13. I dread applying for new jobs
  14. I spend too much time working or commuting and wish to redress my work-life balance

 Why Do You Want To Change?

I would hazard a guess that you have at least three Yes’s, haven’t you? You may even have most of them.  There are no right or wrong answers but whatever your number, each ‘yes’ you have selected shows that you are at a career crossroads and is a reason why you need to read this book and work through my Six Step Career Navigation Cycle process so you can win through your career change!

If you have several Yes’s, then you have either just reached a career crossroads, have done so for a while and not addressed your situation or maybe you have been in denial about your situation? Either way you will definitely get real value from this book, so read on. You also have the reassurance of knowing that I will help you to rethink and redesign your career and life path to find fulfilment in your work and life, just as I did over a decade ago.

My mantra:

“You spend more waking hours at work than in any other activity. Life is too short so why be unhappy? Take ‘the leap of faith’ and do what you love!”

These are extracts from the Introduction of ‘Winning Through Career Change, the second in my series of ‘Winning Through‘ books, now revised for new paperback and updated Kindle book. If you or someone you know is looking to change career and needs motivation to make it happen, Winning Through Career Change is now available on and

Steve Preston is a leading Career Coach, also Author of  2 other Internationally acclaimed books Portfolio Careers -How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit and ‘Winning Through Redundancy – Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future, motivational speaker and Managing Director of specialist Consultancy SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd

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