Are you letting your past still dictate your future?

How great would it be to travel in a time machine? Imagine being able to ‘jump’ into your own future. Based on where you are at right now consider for a moment what you and your life or career will look like when you ‘travel’ ahead two years. What do you see? Are you rewarded with strong inner feelings of happiness, fulfillment and purpose? Or is your picture not such a positive one? Are you experiencing a ‘Groundhog Day’ feeling?  

Do you deserve a second chance?

When you reflect on the picture of two years hence, you will either like or dislike what you see. If you like what you see, you are in a positive place already, so keep building your dream, remembering to challenge yourself at times to continue to make your life happen. However, if you are unhappy with what you see, you do realise that you have the power to change the view, don’t you? Because you do deserve a second chance!

So what’s stopping you?

Have you reached a critical point in your life or career – a point of no return? Are you standing on the edge of a cliff, not sure whether to take a leap of faith or scurry back to the lifestyle or work you know? Right now, even before you consider getting on board the time machine, you are faced with two challenges – Choice and Change.  These are two aspects that can and will influence your future. Choice and change give you unlimited access to alternative pathways as you make a bold decision as to which path you will take.

Will you or won’t you?

Jim Rohn’s inspirational words: Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change’, resonate brilliantly for many of you who are at crossroads in your life or career. Change scares countless numbers of people, whether for personal or professional reasons, but to not change, can and often becomes, even scarier. Why sit still and keep doing what you’ve always done if it makes you unhappy? That’s where choice enters to room. When you make a choice, this will ultimately lead to you bringing about change in your life and career.

Challenge yourself to set a course for change

Let’s return to the travel machine. You’ve seen a bird’s eye view of what your life or career will look like in two years time. This time when you repeat the exercise give yourself an opportunity to gain a new perspective when you do embrace change/do not embrace change. What is the first thing you notice? What has happened over the two years to make your life/career work or not work? What will you do differently?

‘Do what you’ve always done; get what you’ve always got’

As quoted by many great gurus from Socrates to Henry Ford and Anthony Robbins. Change will set a course for positive growth in your life and/or career. The choices you make from this point moving forward will help you unearth and achieve what you want in your life – your dreams, ambitions and true passions.

As you start to embrace change so you can implement the right choices, you will experience the realisation that you have to step out of your comfort zone. This is a time to step beyond the realm of what you know into a different zone of ‘discomfort’. This ‘discomfort’ or stretch zone shouts challenge, unfamiliar territory, adventure, the unknown and exploration. Rather exciting, don’t you think?

At this point there is one important question I’d like to ask: Do you feel like you have outgrown your past and you look forward to exploring a new, as yet uncharted journey in your time machine? Once on board and with all engines firing, you’ll plot a new course and set off toward unlocking ‘the’ door to your future.

Which door will you choose?