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Are You a Casualty of Redundancy or Furloughed Awaiting Your Fate? 

In this FREE live 1 hour webinar, Steve Preston (known as The Career Catalyst) a leading Career Coach & Transition Specialist,
Speaker and Internationally acclaimed Author of ‘Winning Through Redundancy – Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future’, will provide inspiration, share key strategies and many great practical nuggets for winning through redundancy (or proactively manage your career if furloughed), including following his proven 6 Step process, which has helped to transform the careers and lives of 1000’s of people around the globe.

Steve’s July and August webinars have received excellent feedback and already inspired many people to re-evaluate their careers and lives as a result of redundancy or being furloughed. In this webinar Steve will provide valuable insight into:

  • How to navigate the many challenges of ‘the career transition maze’
  • What holds people back from moving forward
  • Avoiding ‘transition paralysis’ 
  • Learning to manage the ’emotional roller-coaster’ ride, as a result of redundancy
  • Common mistakes people make following redundancy
  • Must DO’s that will make the difference!
  • How to re-evaluate and re-kindle your career 
  • How to turn the threat of your lay-off into a bright new future!  

There will also be an opportunity to learn about Steve’s latest highly practical, empowering, inspirational, new online course ‘Winning Through Redundancy & Lay-Offs – Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future‘. This unique new course is essential for anyone looking to re-evaluate your career and life as a result of being laid off. Steve will be showcasing a very special value added offer to webinar attendees worth £395! 

This webinar is specifically timed to work for people in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. So, if you are in need of a motivational boost and proven strategies for winning through redundancy, CLAIM YOUR PLACE NOW as this webinar could be the start towards your bright new future :) 

Please Note: Are you in HR considering alternative Outplacement solutions to help employees to re-evaluate their careers? If so, you are very welcome and will also glean much from Steve’s webinar.