What are the benefits of developing your career?

A simple answer would be you are helping to unlock and fulfil your true potential, which surely must be the aim for most people in life, don’t you think? Also by going through the process and seeing what you have to offer then achieving your goal, just think what this will do for your confidence and self-esteem?

What are your options for developing your career?

You can learn from different resources e.g. career books and guides, audio books, online programmes, seminars and workshops or work one-on-one with a career coach.

What is the best solution for developing your career? 

Ideally to be working with a recommended career coach who can motivate and challenge you, keep you on track and inspire you to achieve your career goals, as this isn’t always easy to do by yourself. Why is this?  Because…… It is always easier to see things in other people than it is in yourself, as I’m sure you will have found in many situations. Therefore whether you are looking at changing careers or progressing your career, working alone and developing your career can be a daunting task.

What about the cost of developing your career ?

Interestingly, many people invest in many aspects of their life, especially financially and in the housing market. However, far too few people invest in their most important asset i.e. themselves! By developing your career and growing personally as well as professionally, this could ultimately have the biggest return on investment of the lot. Why? …..Because if you were to end up finding the right job or career doing work you love and leading a fulfilling life, what could be better than this?

What are the key areas you should focus on?

There is no one size fits all, as everybody is clearly different. However, most people struggle with selling themselves and any aspect of self marketing e.g. writing compelling CV’s, LinkedIn profiles and online bios and winning at interviews. Also, being also to accentuate who you are and what you have to offer in networking meetings and informal situations.  Establishing your true marketability is integral to your success whether you are changing careers or progressing your career.

Is there a process for developing your career?

Yes and many people find it easier to have some form of process or structure to follow so they can see and measure their progress, which is why I developed my six step Career Navigation Cycle process.

Check out my video and consider on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) how serious are you about developing your career?  Hopefully you have answered at least 7/10 in which case the time has come to take action, as why would you not want to achieve your true potential?