Job Interviews – How to Win


Job interviews come in all shapes and sizes in today's 21st century digital age. It wasn't that long ago that the telephone interview was considered to be an innovative new and time saving approach. They are now commonplace and mainly for screening out prospective candidates. Nowadays job interviews over [...]

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Are You Aware of Your Career Values And Needs?


How Important is it to do work you love? Confucius, Chinese Teacher, Editor, Politician, and Philosopher (BC 551-BC 479) says “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” What a wonderful fulfilling statement. You may have never considered how important it is to [...]

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Fulfilling Life-titanium transforms


Leading a fulfilling life One year on from having a full hip replacement (with titanium implants) I am grateful for making a full recovery, which many people have said is ‘remarkable and inspirational’ However, like overcoming any adversity or major change in your life, it has been an emotional roller [...]

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Developing Winning Mindset


Do you FEAR failure? No doubt you have said yes to this question, as most of us don’t like to fail at anything, do we? However, the reality is many successful people fail at some time in their lives, don’t they? Consider Richard Branson, Gary Barlow and Andy Murray. What [...]

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As a business owner how do you go about your day?  Do you let your day run you or do you take control of your day by setting your intent and clear goals to achieve specific objectives, making things happen for you and your business? Networking is key to any [...]


Developing Your Career – What Are The Benefits?


What are the benefits of developing your career? A simple answer would be you are helping to unlock and fulfil your true potential, which surely must be the aim for most people in life, don't you think? Also by going through the process and seeing what you have to offer [...]

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Skills, Attributes or Attitude?


What are more important......Skills, attributes or attitude? What will determine whether you win your next job, promotion, career change or contract you were hoping for? Will it be because you have the right skills, attributes or your attitude? What factors will play a major part in your success? Skills are undeniably a vital ingredient for success [...]

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Six Steps to Win Through Career Crossroads


Why are you at career crossroads? Are you ‘lost in your job’, stuck in a rut, not achieving your potential, maybe a square peg in a round hole? Or are you at a career crossroads because you have lost your job through redundancy and are unsure how to move forward? [...]

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What is the meaning of Winning?


Having been hooked on the recent World Athletics Championships, it has brought new thinking to some of my previous blogs and posts about what ‘winning or ‘winning through’ means.  […]

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