Fulfil Your True Potential


What is your purpose in life? Many people believe you are on this planet to fulfil your true potential to become the best person you can possibly be. Even if you don’t subscribe to such a belief, just thinking about it certainly has an uplifting effect. The dust has well [...]

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Changing Careers-Test the water


Are You Thinking About Changing Careers? Maybe you have some ideas, you have worked through some options yourself or you are working with a professional Career Coach to help achieve the clarity you are seeking? Either way, it can be daunting to jump ship, straight from one job or career [...]

Changing Careers-Test the water2019-03-06T15:46:47+01:00

Work for Passion, Pleasure, Profit


Joseph Campbell (1904 – 1987) was a foremost US mythologist, writer and lecturer. He is remembered for some wonderful quotes – here are two in particular: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” “Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, [...]

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Is it time to change your working lifestyle?


Portfolio Careers - How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit! A Portfolio Career could be the answer - If so what is a Portfolio Career ?  Let’s start with a definition. If you search on the internet, you will come across various definitions of a portfolio career. [...]

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Is it time to re-evaluate your Career?


Stock Take - What Is Important To You In Your Career & Life & WHY? In our fast moving world and lives, most of us rarely stop and reflect. Instead we tend to stumble through life. Does this sound familiar? However, if you are looking to change career, you now have [...]

Is it time to re-evaluate your Career?2019-03-05T12:17:47+01:00

Values-What Gets You Out Of Bed Each Day?


No not that old joke about your alarm clock or Smartphone! If you have read any of my books or blogs or already done some 'stock taking' of your own, you might well be starting to re-evaluate your current career situation. Digging deeper, will help to consider some of your key [...]

Values-What Gets You Out Of Bed Each Day?2019-03-06T15:44:52+01:00

Letting Go and Looking Forward


Letting Go and Looking Forward - To Change You Must First Change  People often ask me 'what do you mean by letting go and what would I need to let go of?' This great quote from Deepak Chopra sums it up perfectly for me: In the process of letting go [...]

Letting Go and Looking Forward2019-03-06T15:44:50+01:00
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