Someday Island Image

Are you living on ‘Someday Island’?

For many people it’s vacation time. That time of year when you pack up and head out for a week or 2 to forget about work and enjoy yourself. It might be your annual much anticipated family holiday, a week or two just chilling out or time for a real adventure.

I Don’t Like Monday’s!

After a much-needed break, you come back feeling refreshed but unfortunately, memories of that wonderful holiday quickly evaporate once you are back into your daily grind. Instead these are often replaced by the familiar feelings of dread when it’s Monday morning again!

It is a known fact that many people immediately look forward to their next vacation, having just returned from their latest one and escape from their daily grind. After all, we all like something positive to look forward to, don’t we? But what if instead you escape to that fantasy island where everything is just fine. Yes, I’m sure you know the one don’t you… ‘Someday Island’!

This is the magical, mythical island where all your dreams can come true, like the one we all know from our childhood… “Someday my prince will come!”

Maybe uppermost in your mind from your recent vacation…

  • Someday I will find a job where I’m not disturbed by phone calls or emails from my boss or colleagues while on my vacation
  • Someday I will find a job where I won’t need my awful commute
  • Someday my boss will leave and everything will be fine
  • Someday I will get the promotion I deserve
  • Someday I will find a fulfilling job or career I really enjoy  
  • Someday I will start my own business and be my own boss
  • Someday I will write that book I promised myself
  • Someday I will make time to travel more often or for that real holiday adventure of a lifetime
  • Someday I will start to look after my health and general well-being

What if ‘Someday Island’ wasn’t just a mythical, magical place where dreams come true?

What if ‘Someday Island’ really does exist? How cool would that be? After all dreams can come true anyway, can’t they?

So, here’s the thing, ‘Someday Island’ isn’t a place. ‘Someday Island‘ is not even a day of the week, Someday Island’ is a mindset…your mindset!

Success Goes Where Your Energy Flows

The good news is that you have the power to change how you think, feel, behave and the results you achieve in your career and life!  

I still marvel at, how once people have chosen to take the leap of faith and leave ‘Someday Island’ for ‘Today Island’, by taking positive action and investing in a coaching programme to achieve career and life goals, ‘magical things’ start to happen. By ‘investment’, I’m not just talking about financial cost. Although cost is obviously important, equally when you make such a commitment in time, effort and energy and learn to take the right positive actions, then almost anything is possible.

Success goes where your energy flows and it’s like you have started creating ripples in the universe!

Create a ripple in the universe

Banish Your Fears

What holds most people back from making positive change, progression or achieving your true potential, is your fears. Working with a great career coach will help you overcome barriers to your progression, banish your fears and magically you will start to see things from a different perspective, where new opportunity abounds!

Break Free from Your Comfort Zone

It’s true that you achieve very little worthwhile in your life, unless you get out of your comfort zone. So, why spend your life dreaming about ‘Someday Island’ when you have the power to make your dreams become reality by breaking free of your comfort zone.

Today Island’ is where all the positive action is. Take the leap of faith by investing in yourself and make your ‘somedays’ come true 😊

Steve Preston is a leading Career Coach to executives and professionals, MD of specialist Consultancy SMP Solutions (Career & People development) Ltdmotivational speaker and Internationally acclaimed author Author of Career and Personal Development books and products, including Portfolio Careers – How to Work for Passion, Pleasure & Profit! and Winning through Career Change.