Steve Preston The Career Catalyst

Back in 2001, having had a very successful executive and management career, I was faced with a life changing decision…relocation or redundancy? Either way, it was an uncertain future. Deep down, I knew It was time to move on, so redundancy became the springboard to break free and achieve something very different in my working life. This was the start of my career transition journey into the unknown. A huge learning experience, during which I discovered new passions for career and personal development, new skills and rekindled past skills. My ‘voyage of self-discovery’ gave me a whole new perspective, courage to take the ‘leap of faith’, change career and set up my own business.

Today I wear two hats

My personal brand, as Steve Preston The Career Catalyst ®: Leading Career Coach to Executives and Professionals, Internationally acclaimed Author, Keynote Motivational Speaker, thought leader on Portfolio Careers and the changing world of work and creator of Breakthrough Career and Personal Development Products.

Owner and MD of SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd, a specialist consultancy with an enviable reputation providing quality, bespoke, Executive Career Transition, Outplacement, Leadership and People Development programmes for organisations facing key change.

Why the Career Catalyst?

Because when I canvassed clients and valued contacts, to establish a personal brand for my Career & Personal Development Coaching, Books and Products, the unanimous view was that my passion and the impact of my Coaching “act as the catalyst for achieving successful career change, transitions or landing your dream job“. This view was further reinforced by Personal Development & Success guru, Brian Tracy, who not only publicly endorsed my first 2 books but also sent me a personal message of thanks for my Career Coaching work and thought leadership. To achieve these accolades from such an amazing man and an Author of over 70 global best-selling books, I am truly proud and humbled.

How can I help you?

Having achieved my own successful career change and transition, I was determined to find a simple and effective way to help other executives and career professionals also navigate the challenging ‘career transition maze’. The result was my unique and empowering 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process.

The 6 Step Cycle is at the heart of my Breakthrough Career Coaching Programmes for Executives and Professionals, first two books as well as my Career Coach Development Programme, for aspiring or new Career Coaches.

My Career Coaching programmes, Portfolio Career Masterclasses, Career & Personal Development books and seminars have helped to transform the lives and careers of thousands of people to achieve a brighter future, finding fulfilling work they love. If this sounds inspiring then have a good browse of my website or contact me NOW and you could be next!


Having experienced the ‘Steve Preston effect’, I am 100% confident in recommending him to any executive or professional needing help with their career development. I came to Steve at a rather low point of my career, as I had been blindsided by an out-of-the-blue redundancy that shook my self-belief and confidence to the core.

After undertaking due diligence with 5 different career coaches and outplacement specialists, I chose to work with Steve as, within a few minutes of talking to me, he displayed a rapid understanding of my situation and my emotions. He was able to explain, in real terms, how his executive career coaching and Six Step Cycle could help me to regain control over my career and life.

The following few months working with Steve were made up of moments of brilliance, trauma, inspiration, humour and challenge. It was EXACTLY what I needed and I wouldn’t want to change one moment of my time with him. Ultimately, he was able to take me from a very dark and lonely place to a point where I am now in control of my future, with the confidence to develop a career under my terms and, importantly, with the right blend of work and play. Steve’s book “Winning Through Redundancy” and the exercises within is simply fantastic, as is his Portfolio Careers book.

On top of all this, Steve’s impressive work is complemented by the fact that he is a wonderful human being and a gentleman. Thank you, Steve, you have changed my life for the better.

John Watson

Steve is exactly what you need in a careers coach! He is personable, approachable and committed to helping you find and reach your end goal. He doesn’t force any opinions onto you; instead he allows you to go on your own journey of self-discovery and with his guidance you realise what you want out of your next steps in your career. For me, finding out that I was interested in a portfolio career was like an epiphany.

I realised that I wanted to continue with my current career but also wanted to pursue other interests which I could possibly use as another source of income. The journey is about understanding what your values and needs are at that point of time in your life (and can constantly change at different stages in your life). Although Steve secretly knew that this is what I would be interested in, he allowed me to go through my own steps to come to that conclusion myself whilst providing so much assistance and guidance throughout my journey. I cannot recommend him enough.

Mel Lovell

Steve’s knowledge and understanding of the Science of work and career is exemplary. His ability to see how to help others to realign their internal belief systems with their need to work produces explosive results. This helps to attain new goals and create new work pathways that had not previously been considered available or possible before. Working with Steve through his 6 Step Career Navigation Cycle process is inspiring, creative and an essential rewiring for the brain of somebody at a dead end. 

Steve has a friendly and personable manner which makes working with him a pleasure. I thoroughly recommend Steve!

Simon Dwight

Before I met Steve I felt I was heading into the abyss. I signed up for his Executive Career Coaching Programme, having been inspired, reading ‘Winning Through Career Change’. I have now achieved a successful career transition with a fulfilling new job and working lifestyle and feel I am boarding a train for an exciting new destination. I really enjoyed my voyage of self-discovery working with Steve, as he is a great coach and train journeys are so much more fun with a companion! 

Sandie Harries

When I was stuck in a rut and looking to develop my career to the next stage, I enlisted Steve’s help to provide the focus and clarity I needed to ensure that I was applying for the right jobs and to also market myself in the most effective way. Steve helped me to really understand my true marketability, what was important to me in my next role and motivated me to achieve job success. He is a encouraging, professional and expert and I highly recommend him for any professionals and executives looking to develop their career.

Richard Castleton

I found coaching with Steve hugely valuable and inspiring. Steve helped me to recognise my skills and attributes, and helped me to see that I have a unique contribution and value and guided me towards achieving the career of my dreams. I particularly valued his individual approach whereby he went at my pace and the sessions were tailored to my needs as an individual. He motivated me to succeed by helping me set powerful goals and I am now well on my way to having a successful portfolio career. I recommend Steve as a Careers Coach very highly.

Bridget Morris

Steve provided me with outstanding support when I worked with him at Pickfords Travel and again during a transition in my career. His Breakthrough Career Transition Masterclass and Career Coaching gave me a very timely and necessary focus, enabling me to move on positively. Steve has been the biggest influence on my career and I recommend him highly.

Jes Paine

Working with Steve has made a real and lasting difference to my life – sounds dramatic but it’s true. His way of working really resonated with me; we had fun but got through a whole load of difficult stuff! Steve helped me to find a good work/life balance, to recognise what I had to offer and to have the confidence to demonstrate it to others. As a result, I am more focused at work, achieving great results that others are recognising and happier at home. Steve has continued to be a confidante and friend to me and I am so pleased to have met him.

Lisa Hughes

I would describe Steve as the ‘Anthony Robbins’ of job seeking. This man takes any negative thinking and re-frames it as positive outlook. Put bluntly I was lucky enough to be on one of Steve’s workshops early this year and before I met him ‘I couldn’t get arrested’. However, two weeks after his course I had over 3 job offers from stock brokerages. There should be more people in this country like Mr Preston and you can take that to the bank!!!!

Liam Byrne

Steve is one of the UK’s market leaders in Career and Personal Development. He is incredibly skilled in unlocking and opening your mind to believing in and fulfilling your own true potential. Steve is in demand; work with him while you can.

Debbie Smith

Until we started working together, I had never realised my true worth or how important it was to me to get paid this, I just knew I had to leave my current job as I wasn’t happy. Steve, as a result of the Coaching, things have now reached new heights!

I am now so much more aware of my skills and attributes and what I have to offer an employer and I have hit my target rate. So, that’s a really significant increase on my new contract! You have even helped me change the way I speak to people at work and family. I have been rocking it so, I can only say, this is the value of Steve Preston’s coaching! Thank you again – you are amazing!!!!!

Naheed Hanif

If you “want to make the rest of your work life the best of your work life”, contact Steve now for an initial confidential free consultation or bookings.